Rust Trial Unveils Shambolic Prop Cart Photo, Highlighting Reed and Baldwin’s Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

Rust Trial Unveils Shambolic Prop Cart Photo, Highlighting Reed and Baldwin’s Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

The ongoing manslaughter trial of Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and actor Alec Baldwin took a significant turn as the jury was presented with a photograph showcasing the chaotic state of the ammunition cart used on the movie set where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins tragically lost her life.

Both Reed and Baldwin face involuntary manslaughter charges for the incident that occurred in October 2021.

“Alleged Gun Safety Violation”

Gutierrez-Reed is accused of flouting gun safety procedures by providing Baldwin with a weapon loaded with a live round.

Marissa Poppell, a crime scene technician with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office, testified about the disorderly storage of ammunition on the set, revealing a photograph of the prop cart strewn with dummy rounds mixed with a live round.

“Detailed Account of Ammo Cart Chaos”

Poppell described the disarray on the prop cart, highlighting ‘multiple rounds of multiple calibers all over the top portion of this cart.’

The bottom of the cart displayed additional boxes of rounds, loose rounds, plastic guns, gun belts, and miscellaneous paperwork.

In total, 255 dummy rounds were found on the set, with around 50 left loose at the bottom of boxes or on the floor of the prop cart.

“Incident Involving a Jammed Rifle”

Poppell mentioned finding a rifle on set, unrelated to the gun used by Baldwin, which appeared to have jammed due to the wrong ammunition.

The jury saw photographs showing five bullets in the belt, with one being a live round and the others dummy rounds. Another photo revealed a bag of ammunition with a can of Red Bull wedged in alongside the bullets.

“Prosecution’s Perspective”

Prosecutors emphasized Gutierrez-Reed’s alleged negligence, citing a ‘disorganized’ and ‘chaotic’ approach to handling ammunition.

They presented videos of Gutierrez-Reed handing over the gun used by Baldwin, expressing her fear to officers and crew members. Prosecutors portrayed her as a key contributor to the circumstances leading to Hutchins’ death.

“Defense’s Counterargument”

Gutierrez-Reed’s defense countered, suggesting she became a scapegoat for Baldwin’s carelessness.

They argued that Baldwin should never have pointed the gun in the victim’s direction.

The defense also pointed out Gutierrez-Reed’s assertion that live rounds arrived on set from an Albuquerque-based supplier of dummy rounds.

“Baldwin’s Rehearsal Turns Tragic”

Baldwin, rehearsing a scene for the western movie Rust, accidentally shot cinematographer Hutchins, maintaining he believed the gun was loaded with blanks.

Five additional live rounds were later discovered on the set. Gutierrez-Reed, wearing a gray blazer and white top, sat impassively in court as charges were read.

“Opening Statements and Delay”

The trial’s opening statements were delayed due to a juror’s tardiness.

Prosecutor Jason Lewis asserted that the defendant’s negligent acts contributed to Hutchins’ death and the presence of live rounds on the set.

“Potential Legal Ramifications”

Gloria Allred, Hutchins’ attorney, indicated that the family may pursue damages against Baldwin based on the trial’s developments.

Allred responded to statements made on behalf of Baldwin, stating they were ‘shameful and wholly unsubstantiated.’

“The Evolving Trial Landscape”

The ongoing trial continues to unveil details and evidence, shedding light on the events leading to the tragic shooting on the set of Rust.

The disorganization surrounding ammunition handling becomes a focal point in determining the accountability of Gutierrez-Reed and Baldwin in the involuntary manslaughter charges they face.

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