Court Hears Harrowing Testimony: Miss Universe Finalist Attacked by Jealous Ex-Boyfriend in Violent Assault

Chloe Othen, a former Miss Universe finalist, appeared in court to recount a harrowing incident where she was allegedly assaulted by her jealous ex-boyfriend, Ricky Lawrence.

The court heard details of the violent encounter that left Othen with bite marks, bruises, and septic cuts, as well as threatening messages sent by Lawrence.

Terrifying Encounter in Knightsbridge

Othen described her visit to Lawrence’s Knightsbridge flat in the early hours of October 15, 2022, where a heated argument erupted, leading to physical violence.

Lawrence allegedly refused to let Othen leave, snatched her phone, and subjected her to repeated punches and bites.

Threats and Intimidation

During the altercation, Lawrence reportedly threatened both Othen and her partner, Bora Guccuk, over the phone. Othen testified that she feared for her life as Lawrence made menacing threats, including the promise to “slit my throat.”

Eventually, Othen managed to escape the apartment with her phone returned by Lawrence.

Legal Proceedings and Denials

Following the incident, Lawrence was arrested and charged with bodily harm. He denied the allegations, claiming that Othen’s injuries were not caused by him and suggested they were self-inflicted.

The court heard testimony from both Othen and Lawrence, presenting conflicting accounts of the events.

Photographic Evidence and Emotional Impact

Othen provided photographic evidence of her injuries, including bite marks and bruises, which were presented to the court.

She described the emotional toll of the assault and the ongoing abusive behavior she experienced during her relationship with Lawrence.

Continuation of the Trial

The trial continues as the court deliberates on the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense.

Othen’s testimony sheds light on the traumatic experience she endured and the alleged actions of her former partner, sparking a legal battle to seek justice.

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