Nigeria Labour Congress Calls for Unified Effort in Negotiating New National Minimum Wage

Nigeria Labour Congress Highlights Collective Approach to National Minimum Wage Negotiations

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, underscored the significance of a collective struggle involving all stakeholders in negotiating and implementing a new national minimum wage.

His remarks were made during the “International Lenin Centenary” Conference held in Abuja on Monday.

Unity as the Key to Overcoming Oppression

Ajaero emphasized that breaking free from oppression and exploitation requires fostering collective power through unity.

He expressed the belief that unity would establish a robust resistance against forces hindering societal change.

Beyond NLC and TUC: A Call for Inclusive Collective Struggle

Ajaero urged the public to view the upcoming negotiation for the national minimum wage not solely as a battle for the NLC and Trade Union Congress (TUC) but as a collective struggle involving everyone.

He called for joint efforts from the beginning of the negotiation to its ultimate implementation to counteract those opposing a fair wage for Nigerians.

Advocacy for a Living Wage

Seeking a Living Wage, Ajaero stressed the importance of collaboration among comrades to achieve this goal.

He highlighted the strength derived from standing together and working collectively to pursue common interests.

Political Re-Strategizing and Vigilance

The NLC president emphasized the need for collective political re-strategizing to avoid past errors since 1999.

Ajaero called for enhanced vigilance to understand the link between workplace complexities and various manifestations of class exploitation in society.

Rethinking Political Strategy for Collective Interests

Reflecting on the need for a unified political strategy, Ajaero questioned why there has been difficulty working together under one political umbrella to project shared ideals.

He urged a rethinking of political strategies as a class to avoid mistakes made in the past.

Call to Action Inspired by Leninism

Ajaero called upon individuals willing to tread the path followed by Lenin, emphasizing the common interests of workers.

He invited those prepared to join the struggle for a better Nigeria, rooted in the spirit of Leninism.

Appeal for Meaningful Contributions

In conclusion, Ajaero stated that the celebration would be meaningful only if everyone rises, resolves to work together with determination, and contributes meaningfully to creating a more just and equitable world.

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