Mike Tindall’s Dilemma – Daughter Mia Backs Australia Despite England Rugby Legacy

Mike Tindall’s Dilemma – Daughter Mia Backs Australia Despite England Rugby Legacy

Former rugby captain Mike Tindall revealed that his daughters, including the late Queen’s great-granddaughter Mia, are avid fans of rugby.

Tindall, a 2003 Rugby World Cup winner, expressed his hope that he won’t be the last in his family to play for England.

However, he humorously shared the challenge of Mia, aged 10, supporting Australia, England’s rugby rivals.

Tindall’s five-year-old daughter, Lena, has already taken an interest in playing the sport.

Awkward Loyalties:

Tindall, now 45, acknowledged the uniqueness of Mia’s support for Australia, especially during matches against England.

The family’s connection to Australia is strengthened by Tindall and his wife, Zara, being brand ambassadors for Magic Millions, a racehorse auction.

Despite the potentially awkward loyalties, Tindall emphasized that both he and Zara would support their children if they choose to pursue sports, maintaining a lighthearted perspective on Mia’s allegiance.

Family Bond with Rugby:

Sharing his enthusiasm for introducing his children to rugby, Tindall mentioned that two-year-old Lucas watched his first rugby game only 20 minutes after being born in 2021.

Expressing a desire for his children to develop a passion for the sport, Tindall aims to take them to more rugby games, believing that experiencing live sports is a valuable and enjoyable family activity.

Hopes for Future Sporting Enthusiasm:

Tindall expressed his wish for his children to share his passion for rugby, stating that it would be a great thing to experience together as a family.

He emphasized the joy of sharing live sports with kids, hoping that the more they see, the more they will want to participate.

Despite the challenges of divided loyalties, Tindall’s positive outlook centers on the potential for rugby to become a shared family interest.

Royal Connections and Humorous Nicknames:

Zara, Tindall’s wife, is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and holds the 21st position in the line of succession to the throne.

Tindall playfully shared that he now refers to Prince William as ‘five martinis Willy’ due to the royal’s improved tolerance for alcohol.

The humorous nickname evolved from the earlier moniker ‘One Pint Willy,’ indicating Prince William’s growing ability to handle more than just a single pint, bringing a light-hearted touch to their royal connections.


Mike Tindall’s insights into his family’s rugby fandom and aspirations provide a glimpse into their shared interests and the delightful challenges that come with divided allegiances.

The light-hearted approach to Mia’s support for Australia adds a touch of humor to their sports-filled family dynamics.

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