Jewish Father Vows Legal Action – Baby Ronnie’s Birth Certificate Defaced by Passport Office

Jewish Father Vows Legal Action – Baby Ronnie’s Birth Certificate Defaced by Passport Office

A Jewish father in Edgware, north London, is taking legal action after his five-month-old daughter Ronnie’s birth certificate was returned from the Passport Office with significant damage.

The birthplace of Israel was deliberately scratched out, leading to accusations of discrimination.

The family expressed feeling like a ‘target’ after making this distressing discovery, which they likened to events reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany.

Public Outcry and Suspension of Staff:

The incident prompted a public outcry, with Home Secretary James Cleverly calling for an urgent review.

Investigations revealed that some members of staff at an undisclosed private company working for the Home Office have been suspended.

The family, informed by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, expressed concerns about a potentially hostile working environment among the staff involved in the defacement.

Legal Action and Government Response:

The father, Israel, confirmed his intention to sue those responsible for damaging his daughter’s birth certificate.

He emphasized his hope for a ban on the individual involved.

The Passport Office responded promptly, issuing a new birth certificate for Ronnie.

Israel has sought legal advice and is considering reporting the incident as a possible hate crime.

Safety Concerns and Call for Stringent Vetting:

While appreciating the swift government action, Israel voiced ongoing safety concerns, worrying that those responsible might have access to his personal details and social media.

He urged the government to enhance the vetting process for staff working in private companies outsourced by the Home Office, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that individuals meet the government’s standards and values.

Reflections on Rising Antisemitism:

Israel expressed broader concerns about the rising cases of antisemitism in London, fearing for his children’s future.

He highlighted the need for increased awareness about hate crimes, sharing his experience of advising his older children to hide their Jewish identity in public due to the perceived unfriendly environment.

Despite these concerns, Israel received overwhelming public and community support after bravely sharing his story.

Government’s Commitment and Investigation:

The Home Office acknowledged the situation, conducting an immediate investigation into the defacement incident.

Home Secretary James Cleverly assured a thorough inquiry and appropriate action in response to the distressing event.

Campaign Against Antisemitism urged the Home Office to investigate how such an incident could occur, emphasizing the importance of restoring confidence in the authorities among British Jews.


The defacement of baby Ronnie’s birth certificate has sparked outrage, legal action, and calls for a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

The family’s concerns about safety and discrimination underline broader issues related to rising antisemitism, prompting a collective call for stringent measures and increased awareness to address and prevent such incidents in the future.