Hollywood Drama: Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Crash Outside Sunset Gower Studios

Hollywood Collision Scene

Over the weekend, Michael B. Jordan, the 36-year-old Creed star, found himself in the midst of a car crash outside Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood.

The incident involved his $429,000 blue Ferrari colliding with a parked car, prompting a series of events that caught the attention of onlookers and law enforcement.

Aftermath Unveiled

Footage from the scene captured the aftermath of the collision, showing the passenger’s side of Jordan’s Ferrari smashed into the parked car.

The impact triggered the deployment of airbags inside the vehicle, and a wheel was visibly separated from the sports car. Jordan, seen standing near the crash site, engaged with police officers as they assessed the situation.

Security Guard’s Intervention

As a reporter from LA-OC.tv attempted to film the car and its occupants interacting with the police, Michael B. Jordan’s security guard reportedly intervened, attempting to deter the recording.

The incident added an additional layer of intrigue to the unfolding scene.

Uncertain Circumstances

Details regarding whether Jordan was behind the wheel at the time of the crash remain unclear. According to TMZ, LAPD found no signs of impairment by drugs or alcohol, and no field sobriety test was conducted.

As of now, no charges have been filed in connection to the case. Both LAPD and representatives for Michael B. Jordan have been approached for comments.

Ferrari Enthusiast in Spotlight

Ironically, just a few months ago on August 11, Jordan showcased his collaboration with Ferrari in an Instagram post.

The actor, dressed in the brand’s clothes, was filmed driving one of their iconic red cars. Described as a ‘Ferrari enthusiast’ by the sports car company, Jordan’s recent collision adds a unique twist to his association with the brand.

Post-Crash Revelations

Amidst the crash aftermath, details about Michael B. Jordan’s recent activities surfaced. Last month, he shared serene photos from a trip to Japan, marking his return to Instagram after a hiatus since August.

The timing of his return coincided with revelations made by new Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi, claiming some form of intimate encounter with the actor in the past.

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