Legendary NYPD Whistleblower Frank Serpico’s 52-Year Struggle for Answers

Serpico’s FOIA Request Unearths 20,000 Pages

Legendary retired NYPD detective Frank Serpico, renowned for exposing widespread police corruption in the 1960s, recently filed a Freedom of Information request.

The request aimed to unveil internal files related to his police career, spanning back to the 1960s. What he received was a staggering 20,000 pages of documents, but crucial information about a near-fatal shooting in 1971 seemed to be intentionally missing.

The Vanished Shooting Documents

Serpico, now 87, claims that key documents related to a 1971 drug bust gone wrong, which led to a dramatic shooting captured in the film ‘Serpico,’ starring Al Pacino, have been purged from his record. The missing files could potentially shed light on whether he was set up during the botched operation.

Allegations of Intentional Expunging

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Serpico expressed frustration, stating, “My files were purged. I got 11 boxes of b******t, and the essential stuff wasn’t there.

They didn’t ‘lose’ anything. The important stuff had to have been intentionally expunged.” Serpico alleges a cover-up, accusing the NYPD of hiding critical information.

NYPD’s Response and Serpico’s Confrontation

Despite Serpico’s claims, the NYPD has not responded to inquiries about the missing documents. When he confronted an NYPD lawyer about the situation, Serpico was simply told, ‘these things happen.’ The retired detective remains adamant that the intentional removal of files is evidence of a cover-up.

Serpico’s Fight for Recognition and Justice

While the released documents include once-confidential intelligence reports and profiles of criminals, crucial details about the 1971 shooting remain elusive.

Serpico, who recently received the NYPD Medal of Honor after a 50-year wait, continues his battle for the truth, determined to uncover the events surrounding the incident that nearly cost him his life.

The Knapp Commission Legacy

The trove of documents also sheds light on Serpico’s pivotal role in exposing police corruption, leading to the establishment of the Knapp Commission.

The missing files now raise questions about the integrity of the NYPD’s handling of the case and the transparency of its internal affairs.

Serpico’s Lingering Questions

Serpico, known for his unwavering dedication to honesty, questions the circumstances of the shooting, suspecting that he might have been set up.

Missing details from the documents make it impossible to ascertain whether proper procedures were followed, leaving lingering doubts about the events that unfolded on that fateful day in 1971.

Unanswered Questions and Ongoing Struggle

As Serpico continues his fight for justice, the missing documents remain a glaring gap in his quest to understand what transpired during the 1971 drug bust.

The retired detective’s allegations of intentional expunging highlight the challenges he faces in unraveling the truth about a critical chapter in his storied career.

Serpico’s Legacy and Impact

Frank Serpico’s legacy as a whistleblower against police corruption is well-documented, but the missing files add a layer of complexity to his story.

As he seeks answers and transparency, the ongoing struggle reflects not only a personal quest for justice but also the broader implications of accountability within law enforcement.

Calls for Correction and Transparency

Serpico’s attorney, Peter Gleason, contends that the NYPD and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office have an obligation to correct the record.

The missing documents, particularly those related to the attempted murder of Serpico, raise questions about the accuracy of the official narrative surrounding the 1971 shooting.

The Continuing Saga of Frank Serpico

Frank Serpico’s journey, from blowing the whistle on corruption to his current battle for missing documents, remains a compelling and unresolved saga.

The retired detective’s persistence in seeking the truth underscores the ongoing challenges of accountability and transparency within law enforcement.

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