Miami Woman Left with Severe Brain Damage After Alleged Fentanyl Overdose During ‘Unnecessary’ Root Canal Surgery

Life-Altering Overdose Incident

In a disturbing lawsuit, a Miami woman, Maria Lugo Querales, has been left with severe brain damage after a dentist allegedly administered a ‘huge amount’ of fentanyl during what her husband claims was an ‘unnecessary’ root canal surgery.

Maria Lugo Querales faced a life-threatening situation on May 10, 2022, in Marble Falls, Texas, as Dr. Jerry Teague administered anesthesia for what her husband deems an unnecessary root canal surgery.

The overdose led to her heart stopping and breathing ceasing, resulting in severe brain damage.

Failed Intubation and Oxygen Deprivation

The lawsuit filed by Lugo’s husband, Luis Espana, asserts that Dr. Teague failed to intubate her, causing a cardiac arrest due to the overdose.

Oxygen deprivation during the critical period led to lasting neurological damage, and Lugo has been in a specialized clinic since the incident.

Cancer-Stricken Dentist’s Troubled History

The episode triggered a police investigation into Dr. Teague, who had a troubled history, including multiple suspensions and a failed drug test in 2016, which detected fentanyl and midazolam stolen from medical supplies.

The investigation ended abruptly with Teague’s death from pancreatic cancer, raising questions about accountability.

Medical Negligence Lawsuit Targets Dental Team

Lugo’s husband filed a lawsuit against the dentists involved in the surgery—Dr. Lane Freeman and Dr. Stuart Nunnally—and their clinic, Nunnally, Freeman, and Owens.

The suit alleges medical negligence, claiming that the surgery was unnecessary, and Dr. Teague’s actions resulted in catastrophic consequences.

Controversy Surrounding the Surgery’s Necessity

Espana contends that Lugo’s ordeal began with her trip from Florida to Texas for cavities and a root canal-treated tooth extraction.

He questions the necessity of the surgery, stating there was no scientific evidence supporting its requirement.

Teague’s Mental State and Fateful Day

The day before the ill-fated surgery, Dr. Teague, who was reported missing amid mental struggles from a recent cancer diagnosis, returned to work at Nunnally, Freeman, and Owens.

Despite concerns about his well-being, Teague was back at the clinic, and Lugo was his only patient.

Alleged Overdose and Uninformed Sedation

Espana’s lawsuit alleges that Teague administered a cocktail of drugs, including 400 micrograms of fentanyl, without proper airway protection, resulting in Lugo’s cardiopulmonary arrest.

The dentists claim the root canal was never performed due to issues with her sedation.

Unresolved Questions and Legal Actions

Legal disputes continue as Espana seeks undisclosed damages. Teague’s estate settled with Espana, pending court approval.

The dentists and the clinic deny medical negligence allegations, asserting pre-existing conditions and unavoidable accidents.

Dentist’s Troubled Past and Investigations

Dr. Teague faced prior suspensions and a failed drug test in 2016, resulting in a temporary ban. Despite these issues, he resumed practice at Nunnally, Freeman, and Owens in 2019.

An IRS tax lien and a reported sabbatical due to a ‘tragic injury’ in 2015 add further complexity to Teague’s history.

Seeking Damages Amidst Medical Bills

Lugo’s husband seeks damages, including the settlement with Teague’s estate.

Medical bills, around $1 million at St David’s, remain contentious as the insurer refuses coverage, claiming it did not approve healthcare in Texas, intensifying the legal battles.

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