Met Office Issues Yellow Warning for Rain and Squally Winds in South Wales and South-West England

In a weather update by Jack Wright on February 22, 2024, concerns are raised regarding heavy downpours and strong gusts poised to affect parts of England and Wales.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for rain across specific regions, indicating potential disruptions and flooding until 2 pm on Thursday.

Yellow Warning in Effect:

The West Midlands, South Wales, and southwest England are currently under a yellow warning for rain.

The Met Office forecasts 20-30mm of rain in certain areas, with a band of heavy rain and squally winds expected to move eastward during the early hours of Thursday.

The warning highlights the possibility of 10-15mm of rain within a 2-hour span and 20-30mm throughout the warning period.

Transport Disruptions:

Heavy rainfall has already impacted transportation services, with Great Western Railway (GWR) reporting disruptions near Totnes, Devon.

Services between Plymouth and Exeter St David’s are expected to remain halted until after 10 am on Thursday, and a limited service in the opposite direction is anticipated.

Notably, Wednesday’s rainfall totals, including 68mm on Dartmoor and 63mm in Cumbria, set the stage for potential complications.

Extensive Rain and Wind Warnings:

Southern, central, and eastern England are encompassed by rain and wind warnings due to the continuous wet weather in February.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen warns of additional rain on Thursday accompanied by gusty winds.

The Environment Agency (EA) and National Resources Wales have issued multiple flood warnings and alerts, heightening concerns of flooding and disruption.

Expanded Yellow Warning:

The Met Office has extended the yellow warning for rain to cover the East Midlands, East of England, London, southeast England, and the South West from 5 am to 5 pm on Thursday.

The warning emphasizes heavy rainfall, lasting 3-6 hours in some regions, with the potential for 30-40mm in a few areas.

Lightning and gusty winds are expected, posing additional hazards.

Wind Warning:

A yellow warning for wind is in place from 8 am to 6 pm on Thursday, with gusts reaching around 50mph in certain areas.

The East of England, London, the South East, and South West are specifically cautioned about the possibility of disruption from strong winds.

There is a slight chance of broader swaths experiencing very strong winds, particularly near the English Channel and southern North Sea coasts.

Meteorological Insights:

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen sheds light on the weather outlook, indicating a small chance of wind gusts reaching 60-70mph, primarily in exposed coastal areas.

The broader expectation is a brief spell of heavy, squally rain with hail and thunder, alongside gusts reaching approximately 50mph.

The combination of saturated ground and the forecasted rainfall increases the risk of flooding and disruption across the warned areas.


Residents in the warned regions are advised to stay updated on weather developments, exercise caution, and be prepared for potential disruptions as adverse weather conditions persist.

The collaboration between meteorological agencies and transportation services underscores the proactive measures taken to ensure public safety during challenging weather events.