Melissa Caddick’s thoughts before she disappeared

Melissa Caddick’s thoughts before she disappeared

A forensic psychiatrist testified at an inquest into the suspected demise of the missing fraudster Mellissa Caddick that the federal police raid on her house may have humiliated her to the point where she decided to commit herself.

Despite not having spoken to Ms. Caddick and based her diagnosis only on statements and other documents, Dr. Kerri Eagle determined that she had a “narcissistic personality disorder.”

Dr. Eagle said at the inquest that Ms. Caddick depicted herself as a very accomplished and wealthy person and fueled her self-esteem via the adoration of others.

According to Dr. Eagle, if she thought she could not recover from such humiliation—being exposed as a phony and not being as smart as she had claimed—she would believe there was no other way out than to commit herself.

However, based on her observations, Dr. Eagle did not think Ms. Caddick had sociopathic or psychopathic traits.

Her judgment came as Ms. Caddick’s husband vehemently denied any involvement in his wife’s abduction and dismissed claims he purposefully postponed filing a missing person report to divert police attention.

Anthony Koletti assured the inquiry that he in no way helped her vanish.

Did you wait to report her missing so she had more time to attempt to get away… or kill herself? On Thursday, the attorney helping Jason Downing SC questioned.

I didn’t, Mr. Koletti declared.

The hairdresser and sometimes DJ was previously questioned once again on the day he claims Ms Caddick vanished from their Sydney eastern suburbs residence.

He told the NSW Coroners Court that he traveled to a friend’s house in Rose Bay that evening—November 12, 2022—to get a “e-cigarette.”

Was it really to smoke the joint? Dr. Downing enquired.

It’s conceivable, Mr. Koletti responded, but I don’t know.

You must keep in mind, Mr. Downing said.

What’s your point, let’s just suppose I did? stated Mr. Koletti.

Mr. Downing said, “On a night you told us you were doing searches all day, you really went to smoke a joint with a buddy.”

Mr. Koletti acknowledged using marijuana to relax and expressed worry about his wife.

Before handing his phone over to authorities to help with their investigations, Mr. Koletti erased texts he had sent and received to that buddy, according to Mr. Downing.

According to Mr. Koletti, using marijuana must have been a factor in doing that.

The next day, he officially reported his wife missing, and on Thursday, he was questioned about his whereabouts the previous evening.

The Dover Heights property Melissa Caddick called home was purchased for $6.2 million in 2014 and could be now worth up to $10 million, according to real estate experts

Not that I am aware of, he said.

Mr. Koletti said during the inquest that the day she vanished is “all a bit of a fog” and that his memories are “very fuzzy.”

He said, “I don’t remember going anyplace.”

Mr. Koletti said Ms. Caddick left the house wearing black workout gear and silver Asics in several police reports and for weeks after her abduction.

But when she didn’t, he said he believed she was seeing a lawyer or checking into a hotel in preparation for her court appearance the next day.

Mr. Koletti was questioned by Mr. Downing as to why he insisted she go in sports attire if he afterwards realized he thought she was seeing a lawyer.

Mr. Koletti denied seeing her wear them and said that it was based on assumptions.

Those who lost money in Ms. Caddick’s Ponzi scheme—mostly family and friends—lost $20–$30 million, which she used to support her opulent lifestyle.

At Bournda Beach on the south coast of New South Wales in February 2021, her dead foot enclosed in a shoe washed up on the strand.

Adam Grimley, Ms. Caddick’s brother, said in an affidavit that his family was “floored” by the appearance that the coroner’s counsel was “going after” his brother-in-law.

He said that Mr. Koletti had suffered much by the loss of his wife, the shock of her wrongdoing, and the unfounded charges that followed. He also highlighted that counsel seemed to be presenting “unverified hearsay as truth,” according to him.

According to his attorney Judy Swan, he had received threatening texts throughout the previous night, one of which said, “Dodgy prick, I hope you get locked up.”

On Friday, the inquest will resume.

»Melissa Caddick’s thoughts before she disappeared«

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