Boris Becker’s Estranged Wife Faces Trial – Accused of Owning £186,626.50 and Hiring Detective to Investigate Husband

Boris Becker’s Estranged Wife Faces Trial – Accused of Owning £186,626.50 and Hiring Detective to Investigate Husband

Lilly Becker, the estranged wife of tennis icon Boris Becker, is currently embroiled in a legal battle over allegations of owing a substantial sum to TV producer Pierre Uebelhack.

The reported amount is £186,626.50, and the accusations involve the use of money to hire a private detective to investigate Boris Becker.

Financial Transactions and Allegations: The Details Unveiled

According to German publication Bild, Uebelhack provided £21,400 directly to Lilly Becker to pay KDM Security Consulting in Frankfurt.

This financial transaction was driven by suspicions that Boris Becker was concealing money.

In a Munich regional court hearing, it was revealed that Uebelhack granted the full amount through two loan agreements.

The legal proceedings also include an additional loan of £265,000 given in London.

Differing Perspectives: Lilly Becker’s View vs. Uebelhack’s Claims

Lilly Becker perceives the money received from Uebelhack as a ‘donation’ due to their close relationship between autumn 2018 and the start of 2021.

She contends that they shared a table and bed and remained friends afterward.

However, Uebelhack describes their relationship differently, stating, ‘We were fond of each other, but we were not a couple.’

The conflicting viewpoints will play a crucial role in the legal proceedings.

March Deadline and Potential Trial: Legal Implications Loom

Judge Dr. Robert Englmann has set a deadline until the end of March for Lilly Becker and Uebelhack to reach an agreement.

Failure to do so will result in a trial scheduled for April 10, with potential criminal consequences for fraud.

Attempts to settle the claims outside the court, including an offer of £43,000 from a close friend of Lilly Becker, have reportedly been unsuccessful.

Background and Boris Becker’s Legal Issues: A Troubled Past

Lilly Becker, formerly Kerssenberg, married Boris Becker in 2009, and their relationship ended in May 2018.

Meanwhile, Boris Becker faced his own legal troubles, serving eight months of a two-and-a-half-year sentence for hiding £2.5 million of assets and loans to evade debts.

Released in December 2022, Boris Becker is currently unable to enter the UK until October at the earliest.


As Lilly Becker faces trial over financial allegations, the legal saga unfolds, entangled with the complexities of relationships, financial disputes, and past legal challenges.

The outcome of the proceedings remains uncertain, leaving the Beckers’ personal and legal lives in the spotlight.

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