Lt. Cmdr. Ike: The Therapy Dog on a Mission Aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales

Lt. Cmdr. Ike: The Therapy Dog on a Mission Aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales

Lt. Cmdr. Ike, a three-year-old yellow Labrador, has embarked on a special mission to reduce stress and uplift the spirits of sailors aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales. His handler, Melanie Hennis, describes him as an “ambassador for joy and empowerment.”

In His Element: Lt. Cmdr. Ike’s Role on the Biggest British Aircraft Carrier

Lt. Cmdr. Ike, an honorary lieutenant commander, is fulfilling his duty to maintain the welfare of sailors and reduce stress during a weeks-long deployment on H.M.S. Prince of Wales. This U.S. pilot program involves sending therapy dogs aboard, bringing a new level of camaraderie to the crew.

The Royal Navy’s Tradition Reimagined: Lt. Cmdr. Ike and the Legacy of Shipboard Animals

Explore the historical significance of Lt. Cmdr. Ike’s presence on H.M.S. Prince of Wales in the context of the Royal Navy’s longstanding relationship with animals.

From cats to polar bears, ships have a history of carrying mascots, and Lt. Cmdr. Ike continues this tradition in a modern therapeutic role.

Ike’s Orders: Inside the U.S. Navy’s Canine Pilot Program

Delve into the details of the U.S. Navy’s Expanded Operational Stress Control canine pilot program, examining how therapy dogs like Ike are trained for over two years to provide emotional support to sailors facing the challenges of long deployments.

Life at Sea with Lt. Cmdr. Ike: From F.O.D. Plod to Special Shipboard Techniques

Experience a day in the life of Lt. Cmdr. Ike on H.M.S. Prince of Wales. From pacing the flight deck for ‘foreign object debris’ to his unique technique for navigating ship ladders, Ike is an integral part of daily operations.

Learn about his protective gear and his role in boosting morale among the crew.

Ike’s Impact: Reducing Stress and Building Morale on H.M.S. Prince of Wales

Explore the positive effects Lt. Cmdr. Ike has on the crew of H.M.S. Prince of Wales. With a license to roam the ship and participate in various activities, Ike’s presence proves to be a source of stress relief and joy, contributing to the overall well-being of the sailors.

Lt. Cmdr. Ike’s Sea Adventures: From USS Wasp to H.M.S. Prince of Wales

Follow Lt. Cmdr. Ike’s journey from his usual station on the USS Wasp to joining British sailors on H.M.S. Prince of Wales.

Named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ike’s enthusiasm for life at sea is evident as he adapts to new environments and responsibilities.

Beyond Borders: Lt. Cmdr. Ike and the International Collaboration on H.M.S. Prince of Wales

Highlight the collaborative efforts between the U.S. Navy and the Royal Navy as assets like Lt. Cmdr. Ike join H.M.S. Prince of Wales during its deployment. Explore how international cooperation enhances the well-being and morale of the naval forces.

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