Prince William Breaks Tradition: No Investiture for Prince of Wales Role, Plans Modern Coronation

Prince William Breaks Tradition: No Investiture for Prince of Wales Role, Plans Modern Coronation

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Reports from sources close to Prince Charles suggest that Prince William will not hold an investiture for his Prince of Wales role, opting for a different and more modern approach to his eventual coronation.


The decision not to have an investiture was seen as a break from tradition and a sign of William’s intention to forge his own path as the heir to the throne.

Controversy Surrounding Prince of Wales Title:

Prince William received the title of Prince of Wales from his father, King Charles III, following the Queen’s death.

This move sparked controversy, as some felt there should have been consultation with the people of Wales before bestowing the title.

Mark Drakeford called for a debate on the role of the Prince of Wales, highlighting the contentious nature of the title.

William’s Approach to Tradition:

Since assuming the role of Prince of Wales, Prince William has shown a reluctance to court controversy through lavish or archaic ceremonies.

It now appears that an investiture for the Prince of Wales title will not take place.


This decision is viewed by those close to William as an indication of his commitment to breaking with tradition in his role as the future king.

A Modern and Relevant Coronation:

While efforts were made to modernize Prince Charles’ coronation, certain traditional elements remained.

However, Prince William reportedly desires a coronation that looks and feels different from his father’s, aiming for a more modern and relevant ceremony.

The intention is to ensure that the coronation resonates with the nation and the Commonwealth, while also reflecting a forward-thinking approach.

Focus on Leaving a Legacy:

Sources close to Prince William emphasize that he is focused on leaving a lasting legacy with communities rather than merely engaging in symbolic gestures.

The decision to forgo an investiture for the Prince of Wales title is seen as part of this broader vision.

The prince aims to make a significant impact through initiatives like the Earthshot environmental prize, which focuses on long-term global sustainability.

His approach to his eventual coronation aligns with this mindset, seeking to create a ceremony that reflects his values and vision.



Prince William’s decision to break with tradition by not having an investiture for the Prince of Wales role signifies his intention to chart his own course as a future king.

By planning a modern and relevant coronation, he aims to ensure that the event captures the spirit of the times and unifies the nation and the Commonwealth.

This forward-thinking approach aligns with his focus on leaving a legacy through meaningful engagement with communities and impactful initiatives.

As the monarchy evolves, Prince William’s choices reflect a desire to connect with contemporary issues and challenges.

His intention to make his coronation different from his father’s signifies his commitment to modernizing and shaping the institution for the future.

The coming years will reveal how Prince William’s vision unfolds and how it resonates with the public and the royal family’s supporters.


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