Medvedev Reveals Russia’s Strategic Aim – Kyiv and Odessa in the Crosshairs

In a meeting with journalists, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, shed light on Russia’s perceived objectives in Ukraine during the ongoing military operation.

Medvedev hinted that Kyiv could be the ultimate goal, citing the city’s historical connection to Russia and the perceived threat posed by US-led forces controlling the Ukrainian capital.

Kyiv: A Russian City Under Threat:

Medvedev argued that Kyiv is, in essence, a Russian city facing a current threat to Russia.

He emphasized the need for Russian troops to establish control over Kyiv, considering it as a vital objective.

The Deputy Chairman acknowledged uncertainties about when or where the military operation might halt but suggested that Kyiv remains a significant target for Russia.

Reasons Behind Capturing Kyiv:

Medvedev outlined two primary reasons for capturing Kyiv.

Firstly, he asserted that Kyiv is historically a Russian city.

Secondly, he expressed concerns about Kyiv being under the control of US-led forces, which Russia perceives as hostile.

The desire to neutralize this perceived threat adds strategic importance to capturing the Ukrainian capital.

Odessa: A Russian City Awaiting Return:

Medvedev extended Russia’s aspirations to the city of Odessa, categorizing it as another Russian city eagerly awaited to return.

He urged, “Odessa, come home,” citing historical ties, language, and the shared Russian identity.

Medvedev criticized the behavior of Kyiv authorities in Odessa, particularly highlighting the demolition of monuments to Russian figures as shortsighted.

Monument Demolition and Cultural Discord:

Medvedev expressed dismay at the demolition of monuments in Odessa, labeling it as short-sighted.

He argued that such actions alienate those who remain loyal to the Ukrainian authorities, creating discord against the backdrop of shared Russian culture and history.

Medvedev emphasized the significance of Odessa to the Russian Federation and lamented the divergence between Russian and Ukrainian paths.


Dmitry Medvedev’s statements offer insights into Russia’s potential objectives in Ukraine, with Kyiv emerging as a focal point due to historical, geopolitical, and perceived security considerations.

The comments reveal Russia’s deep-seated desire to reclaim cities like Kyiv and Odessa, underscoring the cultural and historical ties that shape the dynamics between the two nations.

The ongoing military operations and geopolitical developments will likely determine the realization of these stated objectives.

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