Sally Rohan, 27-year-old medical student from California, discovers her own thyroid cancer in ultrasound class

Sally Rohan, 27-year-old medical student from California, discovers her own thyroid cancer in ultrasound class

Sally Rohan, a 27-year-old medical student from California, stumbled upon her own thyroid cancer during an ultrasound class at New Jersey’s Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Incidental Discovery During Ultrasound Class

During her first year of medical school, Sally discovered ‘nodules’ on her thyroid while learning ultrasound techniques.

She shared her experience exclusively with, emphasizing the initial curiosity she felt about the incidental finding.

Nonchalant Beginnings: Jokes and Initial Reactions

Sally, without any symptoms, joked about the discovery with friends during the ultrasound class. She expressed appreciation for her friends’ sensitivity and considered it a unique experience rather than a cause for concern.

Medical Hurdles: Delays and Insurance Challenges

After finding the nodules, Sally faced challenges with insurance as she was about to turn 26 and lose coverage.

It took nearly a year before she could schedule appointments for a thorough examination. Despite the delay, she remained relatively unconcerned at that time.

Emotional Rollercoaster: Feeling Strong Amidst Challenges

Reflecting on the emotional toll, Sally admitted feeling a mix of emotions but emphasized the strength gained through self-awareness.

Despite the occasional challenges, she embraced a positive outlook, acknowledging that her unique experience has made her more attuned to her own life.

Balancing Humor and Reality: Joking About Cancer

Sally, facing surgery after a CT scan, maintained a humorous perspective, joking about her cancer. While recognizing the potential scariness and fatigue of the situation, she prioritized embracing moments of happiness.

Future Plans and Open-Mindedness

Scheduled for surgery, Sally expressed gratitude for the option to recover without falling behind in medical school.

She emphasized keeping an open mind and considering various options, acknowledging that her journey through medical school might differ from her peers.

Positive Outlook and Bravery: A Unique Perspective

Despite facing cancer, Sally maintained a remarkably positive outlook, attributing her strength to her support system, access to healthcare, and love for her life.

She believes the experience will make her stronger and views herself as the right person for the challenge.

Turning Challenges into Learning Opportunities

Sally sees her journey as an opportunity for extensive learning, allowing her to better understand medicine and, in the future, use her experience to help patients.

She concluded that while nobody is lucky to have cancer, she feels grateful that she is the one going through it.

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