Mbappé-PSG: reasons to believe that the renewal is possible

Mbappé-PSG: reasons to believe that the renewal is possible

France seemed resigned to losing its phenomenon, but Kylian Mbappé ‘s exhibition against Real Madrid last Tuesday in the Parc des Princes has raised the media and all his fans against a fate that seemed marked. While all the signs in Spain point to Mbappé wearing white next season, in the neighboring country they cling to all possible arguments to believe in the miracle: retain their star at whatever cost.

The newspaper L’Équipe takes the ‘Mbappé case’ to its front page today and asks itself the same question: “Is it possible to renew Mbappé?”, assuring that PSG is willing to burn all its tricks to make it a reality.
Until now, and if we trust the player, the only reality is that nobody has won in this battle since the footballer, two days before playing against Madrid, assured that there is no agreement with anyone or conversations with the rival, as defined Madrid before the round of 16 duel.

The million a week, denied

After the exhibition before the world, the rumors about an all-out offensive from Paris have skyrocketed. That if Macron has done his part , that if there is an offer of one million euros a week for the player, something that by the way PSG deny, that if a short contract, of one year , to ensure the player at less during the Qatar World Cup, than if a promise of full powers in the locker room , as leader of the project above Neymar and Messi himself, than if a project that ends the power in the locker room of the Di María group, Keylor, Neymar or now Messi himself.
The reality is that Mbappé does not want to know anything about all this while the team is immersed in a round of 16 match against Real Madrid and even less with what he and his entire club are playing for in Madrid. The footballer, no matter what happens, wants to do well especially with his fans, hence that gesture after scoring the goal against Madrid pointing with his finger at the lawn of the Park, as if claiming that, today, this is his place . These would be, according to L’Ëquipe, the weapons that PSG could use to convince their star.

Leadership on and off the field

Mbappé has always claimed a competitive team to stay in Paris. However, the competitive team concept for PSG has been to bring in Messi, Ramos or Wijnaldum. However, according to this newspaper, the French star was looking for something else , a team built around him, in a case similar to Benzema’s role now at Real Madrid. Mbappé would be the leader and, however, it is not easy for Pochettino to give him that role with Messi or Neymar in the same team. PSG, for this reason, would have to find a way to explain to Mbappé that he would be the true leader from next year.In Madrid, that field is much clearer, because Bale, Hazard, Rodrygo or Vini himself would not be as much competition as the one he has right now in Paris.

A club above egos and stars

Mbappé has always missed a firmer PSG in the face of the egos and whims of its stars. For him, as has happened in recent years at Madrid, the club has to be above everything and he understands that the club’s leaders with Al Khelaifo at the helm have shown signs of weakness in the face of the whims of certain players.

A guaranteed exit in 2023

Another of the proposals that PSG is considering is that of a short contract that allows Kylian not to miss the Real Madrid train , and that also makes it easier for him to leave at the agreed time. In economic terms, according to the French newspaper, the club guarantees the player a signing bonus of 25 million if he decides to renew. At the moment, the footballer earns 26.6 million gross per season. The idea of ​​​​PSG is to double his tab and offer him two seasons, although agreeing on an amount that frees him in June 2023.

Being PSG history

Another of the arguments on which the club would support would be to make Mbappé see that he can go down in the club’s history by winning the first Champions League , becoming the top scorer… Achievements that would leave his name written in gold letters in the Park of the princes.

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