Mayorkun’s Lost Pendant Found – Good Samaritan to Receive 5 Million Naira Reward

Mayorkun’s Lost Pendant Found – Good Samaritan to Receive 5 Million Naira Reward

In an unexpected turn of events, a man who stumbled upon Mayorkun’s misplaced pendant is about to become the fortunate recipient of a substantial reward.

The artist had previously pledged a generous sum of 5 million Naira to anyone who successfully recovered his valuable pendant, as reported by GISTLOVER.

Mayorkun’s Generosity:

Mayorkun, the performer in question, had made headlines with his promise to donate $5 million to the individual who located and returned his pendant.

This unexpected act of generosity sparked intrigue and set the stage for an intriguing turn of events.

Successful Retrieval:

Following the artist’s announcement, an unidentified individual discovered Mayorkun’s jewelry and promptly returned it to Calabar’s HIT FM radio station.

The successful retrieval of the pendant has not only showcased the integrity of the person who found it but has also fulfilled Mayorkun’s commitment to reward the good Samaritan.

Iyanya’s Involvement:

Iyanya, a figure actively involved in facilitating the return of the pendant, expressed gratitude to the people of the state for their assistance.

The collaborative effort to locate and return the valuable item underscores the power of community and shared responsibility.

Community Reactions:

Responses to the update on Mayorkun’s lost pendant varied among social media users.

Some expressed skepticism, questioning the circumstances of the pendant’s discovery, while others lauded the individual’s honesty and the existence of goodwill in Nigeria.

Social Media Reactions:

@KnowsJoshua humorously commented on the situation, emphasizing the phrase “He found it on the floor.”

@xx_zamani raised concerns about the authenticity of the pendant, urging verification.

@Konigtimz playfully called on Mayorkun to reclaim his chain and acknowledge the effort.

@walecoker65 questioned the credibility of the discovery, prompting further scrutiny.

@legendrizz acknowledged the positive aspect, stating that the incident highlighted the presence of good people in Nigeria.


The unfolding story of Mayorkun’s lost pendant and its subsequent recovery not only showcases the artist’s commitment to rewarding honesty but also brings attention to the unpredictable narratives that can emerge within the realm of celebrity interactions and community engagement.

As the details continue to unravel, the significance of shared values and communal efforts remains a central theme in this unexpected turn of events.