MAUREEN CALLAHAN: Practically naked, with her head in his crotch, and Kanye had it all on display for the world to see.

MAUREEN CALLAHAN: Practically naked, with her head in his crotch, and Kanye had it all on display for the world to see.


MAUREEN CALLAHAN: For all to see, Kanye’s bare bum, his nearly naked “wife,” and her head in his crotch. Will this abhorrent new low be sufficient to send him to HIS knees then? For, by Maureen Callahan Updated: 14:54, August 29, 2023 EDT

These pictures don’t seem to be enough to get Kanye West off the field. This latest stunt represents the pinnacle of his misogyny: What appears to be an intimate act performed in public, on a boat in Venice, in a Catholic nation during prime tourist season, with his ‘wife’ — always in scare quotes, unable to even accord her the dignity of formal recognition — seemingly on her knees, her head between his legs, and her face frozen more in despair than ecstasy.

Everything seems so shady and hopeless. incredibly pornographic. However, double standards can be obstinate, particularly if you profess to be an ardent Christian like Kanye, to the point of founding your own church. If this were Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, she would be derided as an unsuitable mother, a whore, a slut, and a national embarrassment. Take into account that Britney Spears, Kanye’s closest female counterpart as a fallen star, has been attacked this summer for much less: pursuing a newly-minted NBA star through a Vegas lobby; installing a stripper pole in her home; posting videos of herself dancing in crop tops; receiving a divorce; and losing her sons.

The culture continues to mock her mental illness. The culture finds Kanye’s to be enthralling. Lizzo was abruptly booted from the show due to her alleged licentiousness, which is only alleged and not proven. HBO’s “The Idol” is no longer on the air after being attacked for its glorified rape fantasies and sexual misogyny.But what about Kanye West, with his bare bum protruding and his ‘wife’ tucked into his crotch in front of visitors and cameras? The anger seems subdued.

He has been held accountable for so many reprehensible statements, and rightfully so.A vicious anti-Semite, West. His tweet from late October that said, “I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH people,” is undoubtedly his worst declaration.


‘At his Yeezy fashion presentation that same month in Paris, he appeared wearing a shirt bearing the slogan “White Lives Matter,” which is used by white nationalists and neo-Nazis.Ye, as he is now called, did have significant consequences: He lost fashion agreements with Balenciaga, the Gap, and Adidas, leading to a $400 million revenue loss that caused him to lose his long-sought place on the Forbes Billionaires List. In addition to losing his athletic ties, he was fired from his law firm and creative artists agency. He received criticism from numerous celebrities and is now essentially a minor person.Yet he perseveres.

He has yet to pay a price for one sin, though, and that is misogyny. Is it enough to have him fall to the ground?Does anybody else believe Kim Kardashian would allow this version of him to be around their four children? Or the daughter he previously disclosed in public that he considered terminating? While he was running for president of the United States in 2020, by the way, during a rally he held?Think of Britney as a candidate for president. also Lizzo.Kanye West has had problems with ladies in the past.

Since 2009, when he surprised Taylor Swift as she collected the MTV Award for Best Video by a Female Artist at the VMAs, it has been obvious.’Imma let you finish,’ he added — so kind — ‘because Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!’Swift had just turned 19. A reciprocal connection followed with Kim Kardashian, although Kim subsequently stated that Kanye made her feel insecure about her looks, her physical attractiveness, and her level of taste.

A portion of his insistence to give her an extreme makeover was captured on camera for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”At a Business of Fashion panel in 2018, Kardashian stated, “I always thought I had really good style.” “Until my husband told me I had the worst style,” she said.He tossed out much of her clothing and stocked her closet with high-end clothing and accessories. She received emails from him dictating what she could and couldn’t wear.

He brought her to Paris to meet with upscale designers, but Kim was refused entry.Except designer Riccardo Tisci, then at Givenchy and a close friend of Kanye, she said that “no one would dress me.”For her first Met Gala in 2013, the team dressed a hugely pregnant Kim Kardashian in a revealing floral monstrosity. She was humiliated by wearing what became known as “the couch dress,” and she broke down in tears.In 2019, Kardashian said to Vogue, “I was crying, like, the whole way home.” “I was the subject of all these memes with this couch,”Kardashian and West divorced in 2021, and West then started dating C-list actress Julia Fox.She also ended up getting a whole makeover thanks of West.In an interview with Interview magazine last year, Fox said, “After meeting him, a few days later, all my s**t was in boxes, gone.”


She was informed that she needed to adhere to West’s fashion preferences if she wanted to be seen with him in public.Fox appeared to transform overnight from a typical starlet to a severe-looking potential sex bomb. She shed pounds, wore skin-tight leather S&M ensembles and crop tops, large swaths of fabric that revealed her body, and dark, slashy black eye makeup that gave her a Blade Runner-esque appearance.All for a romance lasting a month. Bianca Censori, Kanye’s new “wife,” has since experienced a change that is both quicker and more alarming: A young, lovely lady is rendered helpless to see, speak, or express herself in any manner, really, when she is covered head to toe in what appears to be sheer pantyhose, has her long hair cut short, or has her head frequently enclosed or otherwise obscured.Kanye West has the following opinion about women.

He has given us every defense for his numerous transgressions: Kanye is brilliant. He has mental illness. He is a provocateur, performance artist, and sideshow attraction who holds up a mirror to our society’s follies.How about this: Kanye West is sexist. The more the ladies he is with succumb to him, the more he appears to detest them.So you can now include ladies in the group of people Kanye West despises. May this most recent humiliation finally make him persona non grata.

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