Matty Healy kisses model Gabbriette Bechtel passionately after breaking up with Taylor Swift

Matty Healy kisses model Gabbriette Bechtel passionately after breaking up with Taylor Swift

Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel’s Public Display of Affection in NYC

Romantic Outing in New York City

Matty Healy, the 34-year-old musician, and model Gabbriette Bechtel were recently seen engaging in passionate displays of affection during an outing in New York City. This public display of affection followed Healy’s well-publicized fling with Taylor Swift and raised questions about his current romantic involvement.

Unveiling Their Romance

During their time together in the Big Apple, Healy and Bechtel were spotted sharing multiple kisses and appeared unable to keep their hands off each other. The exact start date of their relationship remains unknown, but it’s worth noting that in July, Healy was reported to be on vacation with his ex-girlfriend, Meredith Mickelson, in Hawaii. This fueled speculation about a possible rekindling of their romance.

Healy’s Brief Romance with Taylor Swift

In May, Healy was romantically linked with Taylor Swift following her breakup with her long-term boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn. Their last public appearance together was on May 25 in New York City. The relationship between Healy and Swift reportedly ended due to controversies surrounding Healy’s past actions, including a controversial stage performance and offensive remarks on a New York-based podcast.

Controversial Past Actions

Healy faced criticism for a stage performance in which he appeared to make a Nazi salute. Additionally, he made offensive comments about female rapper Ice Spice’s face and body on The Adam Freidland Show podcast. He later apologized for the remarks, stating that a joke he made on the show had been “misconstrued” during a concert in New Zealand.

Support for Swift

Despite the controversy, Healy had been publicly supportive of Taylor Swift, attending her concerts, performing at some of them, and socializing with her and her A-list friends, including Gigi Hadid. However, Swift went on to collaborate with the rapper Ice Spice on a remix of her song “Karma,” which didn’t sit well with Healy’s fans and led to disapproval on social media.

Unaware Ex-Girlfriend

Reports suggest that Healy’s ex-girlfriend, Meredith Mickelson, was unaware of his growing closeness with Taylor Swift at the time. Sources indicated that they were still dating when news of the Swift-Healy relationship emerged, leaving her “taken aback” by the reports.

Healy’s Dating History

Matty Healy has had a string of high-profile romances in the past. He has previously dated singers Halsey and FKA Twigs, with the latter relationship ending in 2022. His band, The 1975, is set to return to Europe for a tour next year, including several dates in the UK.

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