Matthew Perry, Beloved ‘Friends’ Star, Passes Away at 54

Matthew Perry, Beloved ‘Friends’ Star, Passes Away at 54

Matthew Perry’s Tragic Passing

Friends star Matthew Perry has tragically passed away at the age of 54, reportedly due to a drowning accident in his home.

Law enforcement sources confirmed that first responders were called to his Los Angeles home for a cardiac arrest, where they found him in a jacuzzi.

No drugs were discovered at the scene, and there was no sign of foul play.

A Beloved Icon: Chandler Bing in Friends

Matthew Perry rose to fame with his iconic role as ‘Chandler Bing’ on the beloved ’90s sitcom, Friends, which ran for an impressive 10 seasons.

His portrayal of Chandler left an indelible mark on the world of comedy and television, and he was cherished by fans across the globe.

Battles with Addiction and Candid Confessions

Perry had been open about his decades-long struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

He first sought rehab in 1997, following a pain medication addiction after a jet skiing accident.

His battle with addiction led to multiple stints in rehab, with subsequent visits in 2001 and 2011.

Perry candidly revealed that he had little memory of filming three seasons of Friends, illustrating the devastating impact of his addiction.

Tragic Health Battles

In his memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir,’ Perry shared the harrowing details of his health battles.

His opioid addiction led to a ruptured colon when he was just 49, resulting in a two-week coma and months of hospitalization.

Perry underwent a staggering 14 surgeries to repair the damage.

At one point, during his Friends career, he was consuming a shocking 55 Vicodin pills a day and saw his weight plummet to 128 pounds.

Perry was trapped in a cycle of addiction that he admitted he didn’t know how to break.

An Aspiring Star: Perry’s Journey to Fame

Born on August 19, 1969, in Massachusetts, Matthew Perry grew up in Ottawa and was raised by his mother, Suzanne Morrison, a Canadian writer and former press aide for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Despite his successful career, Perry’s path to fame was marked by determination and challenges.

In the ’80s and ’90s, he appeared in popular TV shows like Charles in Charge, Who’s The Boss?, Growing Pains, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Perry’s dream of fame was realized with Friends, a show adored by audiences during its ten-season run, and he continued to star in movies like Fools Rush In and The Whole Nine Yards.

Personal Life and Relationships

Matthew Perry’s personal life also drew attention.

He never married and ended his engagement to Molly Hurwitz, a talent manager, in 2021.

Over the years, he dated several well-known actresses, including Julia Roberts and Lizzy Caplan.

Perry’s passing marks a deeply somber moment, as the world mourns the loss of a talented actor who touched the hearts of many.

His candidness about addiction struggles and his comedic genius on screen will be remembered as part of his enduring legacy.