Matter Venture Partners Secures $300 Million Debut Fund for Hard Tech Innovation from Kleiner LP and TSMC in California

Matter Venture Partners Secures $300 Million Debut Fund for Hard Tech Innovation from Kleiner LP and TSMC in California

Matter Venture Partners, headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful closure of its inaugural fund, amounting to $300 million.

The accomplishment marks a pivotal moment for the hard tech venture capital firm, signaling its readiness to make strategic investments in innovative startups.

Diverse Backing Strengthens Fund’s Foundation

The fund garnered support from a diverse array of backers, including notable entities such as Kleiner LP and TSMC, as well as contributions from individual investors, entrepreneurs, and family offices.

This broad base of support underscores the confidence in Matter Venture Partners’ vision and approach to investing in the burgeoning hard tech sector.

Experienced Leadership Steers Investment Strategy

At the helm of Matter Venture Partners are former Kleiner Perkins investors Wen Hsieh and Haomiao Huang, along with operating partner Mel Tang.

Notably, all three individuals are also limited partners (LPs) in the fund, showcasing their deep commitment to the firm’s mission and success.

Drawing on their extensive experience and expertise, the leadership team is poised to navigate the complex landscape of hard tech investing with precision and insight.

Focused Investment Thesis

Matter Venture Partners has outlined a clear investment thesis centered around identifying and supporting HardTech startups that drive innovation across key sectors.

The firm’s focus areas include artificial intelligence, robotics, electrification, and more, reflecting its strategic alignment with cutting-edge technologies poised to shape the future.

Portfolio Highlights Promising Startups

Among the standout companies in Matter Venture Partners’ portfolio are LuxVue, Lightforce, and Ambiq, each representing a unique opportunity for growth and disruption within their respective fields.

Additionally, the firm has identified six other companies operating in stealth mode, hinting at the depth and diversity of its investment pipeline.

With plans to invest in a total of 15 to 20 companies through the new fund, Matter Venture Partners is positioned to play a significant role in shaping the trajectory of the hard tech industry.

Commitment to Innovation and Impact

As Matter Venture Partners embarks on this new chapter, it remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation and driving meaningful impact within the hard tech ecosystem.

By leveraging its financial resources, industry expertise, and strategic partnerships, the firm is poised to catalyze the growth and success of groundbreaking startups that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


The successful closure of Matter Venture Partners’ debut fund represents not only a significant achievement for the firm but also a promising development for the broader hard tech investment landscape.

With a robust foundation, experienced leadership, and a clear investment strategy, Matter Venture Partners is primed to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive transformative change in the years to come.

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