Martin Lewis Slams Rising Energy Costs as Ofgem Implements Price Cap Reduction

Martin Lewis Slams Rising Energy Costs as Ofgem Implements Price Cap Reduction

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Money expert Martin Lewis has expressed his frustration over the rising energy prices burdening households.


During an interview with Jonathan Brearley, the CEO of Ofgem, on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Lewis discussed the news that the energy price cap would be reduced, resulting in an average annual household energy bill of £2,074 from July.

Energy Price Cap Reduction:

On Thursday, May 25, Ofgem announced a 17% reduction in the energy price cap for all consumers across the country.

Although slightly lower than the forecasted 17.5%, this reduction is expected to bring relief to households.

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The current average annual bill of no more than £2,500 for gas and electricity will now decrease to an average of £2,074, depending on individual usage.

The standing charge remains at £300 per year.

Moral Hazard of Standing Charges:

During the interview, Martin Lewis questioned Jonathan Brearley about the moral implications of charging customers £300 per year for the provision of gas and electricity.


Lewis argued that lower usage households may struggle to further reduce their energy consumption.

Response from Ofgem CEO:

Brearley, who assumed his role in 2020, acknowledged the concern and stated that Ofgem is considering the issue of operating costs.

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He mentioned that they aim to reflect the overall system costs and indicated a forthcoming examination of standing charges, including those for prepayment meters.

However, Brearley cautioned that implementing changes would take time.

Context of Energy Price Situation:

Ofgem’s announcement on May 25 brought some relief to consumers, alleviating the financial impact caused by the significant increase in gas and electricity costs.

These price spikes were triggered by events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions imposed by Western governments.

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As Ofgem reduces the energy price cap, Martin Lewis criticizes the existing energy costs imposed on households.

The adjustment in the price cap is expected to bring some financial relief, with average bills decreasing by £426 per year.


However, concerns remain regarding standing charges and the ability of lower usage households to cope with these costs.

Ofgem acknowledges the issue and plans to address it but emphasizes that implementing changes will require time.

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