Margot Robbie Speaks Out on Greta Gerwig’s Oscars Snub for Barbie – A Controversial Omission

Margot Robbie, the lead actress and producer of the critically acclaimed film “Barbie,” has addressed the controversy surrounding director Greta Gerwig’s absence from the Oscar nominations for Best Director.

Robbie spoke candidly at a Q&A hosted by the Academy Museum, expressing her belief that Gerwig deserved a nomination for her exceptional work on the film.

Shared Disappointment:

During the Q&A, Robbie acknowledged the shock and disappointment felt by many when Gerwig and herself were not individually nominated for Oscars.

Despite the film securing eight other nominations, including Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress, the absence of nods for Best Actress and Best Director surprised and disappointed fans and industry insiders alike.

Robbie’s Perspective:

While Robbie refrained from addressing her own omission from the Best Actress category, she emphasized her belief that Gerwig’s direction was groundbreaking and deserving of recognition.

Robbie highlighted the film’s ambitious goal to impact and shift culture, expressing her joy that “Barbie” had already exceeded their expectations in making a substantial impact.

Positive Outlook Amid Controversy:

Robbie conveyed her overwhelming happiness for the film’s success and the acknowledgment it received with eight Oscar nominations.

Despite the controversy surrounding the directorial snub, she expressed being ‘beyond ecstatic’ and emphasized the immense reward of influencing culture.

Robbie’s positive outlook on the film’s achievements prevailed, creating a sense of gratitude amid the Oscar buzz.

Margot Robbie’s Public Appearance:

The Q&A marked Margot Robbie’s first public appearance since the Oscar nominations were announced, providing a platform for her to address the notable absence of director Greta Gerwig.

The event, held at the film museum constructed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, brought together the cast for a special screening of “Barbie.”

The Oscar Snub Fallout:

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie were snubbed by the Academy in the 2024 Oscar nominations, prompting reactions from the industry and fans alike.

Despite the disappointment, Robbie showcased good spirits during the Q&A, representing the film with a Barbie-themed outfit and sharing her enthusiasm for the film’s broader impact.

Ryan Gosling’s Reaction:

Ryan Gosling, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in “Barbie,” addressed the controversy in a statement.

While expressing his disappointment for Gerwig and Robbie’s omissions, Gosling reaffirmed his commitment to his nomination.

According to a source, Gosling remains resolute in his decision and plans to honor Gerwig and Robbie if he wins.


The aftermath of the Oscars snub for “Barbie” continues to unfold, with Margot Robbie’s recent comments shedding light on the disappointment surrounding Greta Gerwig’s absence from the Best Director category.

The film’s remarkable success and impact on culture remain central, overshadowing the controversy and reinforcing the positive aspects of its journey in the spotlight.