Cheers to Savings: Discover the Top 13 Cities for Affordable Pints in the UK

Cheers to Savings: Discover the Top 13 Cities for Affordable Pints in the UK

Beer enthusiasts, rejoice! We bring good news for those who love a good pint without burning a hole in their pocket. Using data from the online database Numbeo, we unveil the top 13 cities in the UK where the price of a pint won’t leave you nursing a financial hangover.

Let’s dive into the rankings and explore where beer is not only enjoyable but also affordable.

The 13 Cities Serving the Cheapest Pints in the UK

Topping the list of ‘cheapest pints’ is Coventry, where an imperial pint of beer is a pocket-friendly £3.89 ($4.85). Newcastle upon Tyne follows closely at £4.11, with Swansea claiming the third spot at £4.36.

Aberdeen, known for its whisky, surprises as the fourth cheapest city, offering pints at £4.39. The rankings continue with Reading, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Dundee, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Preston, and Birmingham, where the average pint costs £4.46.

The Least vs. Most Expensive Cities in the UK to Buy Beer

Least Expensive Cities:

  1. Coventry – £3.89
  2. Newcastle upon Tyne – £4.11
  3. Swansea – £4.36
  4. Aberdeen – £4.39
  5. Reading – £4.44
  6. Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Dundee, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Preston – £4.45
  7. Birmingham – £4.46

Most Expensive Cities:

  1. London – £6.74
  2. Brighton – £6.66
  3. Oxford – £5.80
  4. Belfast – £5.78
  5. Edinburgh, Manchester – £5.57
  6. Bristol, Cambridge – £5.55
  7. Exeter – £5.47
  8. Liverpool – £5.45
  9. Norwich – £5.00
  10. Portsmouth, Glasgow – £4.99
  11. Leeds – £4.89

The 14 Most Expensive City Pints in the UK

Unsurprisingly, London takes the crown for the most expensive pint in the UK, setting you back £6.74 on average. Brighton and Oxford follow closely, with pints costing £6.66 and £5.80, respectively. As we explore the costlier side of the spectrum, discover the cities where beer comes with a heftier price tag and appreciate the more budget-friendly options available across the UK.

International Comparisons: A Silver Lining

While Britons and visitors might lament the prices, there’s a silver lining. These costs are significantly lower than some European cities, where pints can reach staggering prices.

In Bergen, Norway, for example, the average pint costs £8.91, and in Reykjavik, it’s £8.86. So, while enjoying a pint in the UK may have its costs, it remains a more economical option compared to some international counterparts.

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