Man’s Lung Collapses After Vape Mishap: A Cautionary Tale on Vaping Dangers

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Man’s Lung Collapses After Vape Causes Chemical Burn: A Warning on Vaping Dangers


A 31-year-old man, Alex Gittins, experienced a terrifying ordeal when a vape device caused a hole in his lung, resulting in its collapse.

This incident highlights the potential risks associated with vaping and raises concerns about the regulation of the industry.

Alex’s story serves as a cautionary tale to raise awareness and discourage others, especially young people, from engaging in vaping practices.


Symptoms and Hospitalization: After using a newly purchased vape, Alex noticed an unpleasant chemical taste in his throat and began experiencing breathing difficulties.

Within a span of two hours, his condition worsened, prompting him to seek medical help.

An X-ray at the hospital revealed that one of his lungs had deflated, indicating a serious health issue.

Chemical Burn and Surgery: Doctors at a specialist hospital conducted an operation and discovered a chemical burn inside Alex’s lung.

As a roofer, he emphasized that he had only been using vapes and had not been exposed to any other harmful substances.


The severity of his condition left him fearing for his life while lying in the emergency room.

Concerns over Vape Products: Alex expressed his observations about the vape device that caused his health complications.

He noticed that it appeared abnormal, unable to stand upright due to a curved bottom, unlike regular vapes.

Additionally, he mentioned purchasing the product from a store that offered enticing deals.

He raised doubts about the legitimacy and compliance of such cheaply priced vape products.


Raising Awareness and Regulatory Concerns: Motivated by his harrowing experience, Alex now seeks to increase awareness of the dangers associated with vaping.

He highlights the importance of regulating the industry and expresses concern for individuals who may already have pre-existing lung conditions or compromised health.

His own previously robust health makes him particularly alarmed by the potential harm caused by vaping, not only to himself but also to others.

Personal Impact and Determination: Laying in the hospital surrounded by older patients suffering from similar lung issues related to vaping, Alex acknowledges the gravity of the situation.

Despite facing accusations of dishonesty, he remains steadfast in sharing his story, motivated by the hope of preventing others from going through a similar ordeal.


Alex believes that his experience may dissuade young individuals from taking up vaping, urging them to reconsider the potential risks associated with it.

Conclusion: Alex Gittins’ frightening encounter with a vape-induced lung collapse serves as a stark reminder of the hazards associated with vaping.

His experience raises questions about the regulation of vape products and the need for stricter standards to protect consumers.

By sharing his story, Alex hopes to discourage others, especially young people, from engaging in vaping practices and to prompt a critical examination of the industry as a whole.

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