Controversy Erupts as Historic Hove Villa Transformed into ‘Soulless’ £2.1M Modern Build

Controversy Erupts as Historic Hove Villa Transformed into ‘Soulless’ £2.1M Modern Build

In an exclusive report by Jaya Narain, a controversy unfolds in Hove, East Sussex, as a cherished Art Deco villa undergoes a controversial transformation into what locals are calling an ‘ugly Lego house,’ sparking criticism and accusations of cultural vandalism.

Aesthetic Transformation: From Art Deco Elegance to ‘Ugly Lego House’

The £2 million Art Deco villa in Hove, East Sussex, once praised for its charm, faced public backlash after a significant renovation turned it into what critics have dubbed an ‘ugly Lego house.’

The drastic makeover involved removing original features and replacing them with a modern design, including a new driveway and a prominently placed garage.

Public Outcry: Local Residents and Critics React

Residents and critics took to social media platforms, notably X (formerly Twitter), to express their dismay over the villa’s transformation.

Before-and-after pictures shared on an urban planning account garnered negative comments, with descriptions such as ‘utterly hideous’ and ‘criminal’ circulating online.

Neighbourhood Impact: Accusations of ‘Cultural Vandalism’

Local residents living in close proximity to the once-charming villa voiced their shock and disappointment, accusing the property developer of ‘cultural vandalism.’

The house, built in 1936, is now criticized for lacking character and being an eyesore in the neighborhood.

The Renovation Process: Modern Features Amidst Backlash

The renovation, which took over a year to complete, introduced modern features to the property, including a playroom, loft conversion, portrait window, large skylights, and a giant chandelier.

Despite these additions, the house has become a focal point of discontent in the community.

Financial Transaction: From Renovation to Sale

Following the completion of the controversial renovation, the house was put on the market and swiftly sold for £2.1 million in 2021.

Despite its sale, the property continues to be criticized, earning the label of an ‘ugly Lego home’ and fueling accusations of encouraging ‘cultural vandalism’ in Hove.

Resident Testimonies: Critique from Those in the Vicinity

Residents in the area expressed their disappointment, stating that the villa, once boasting mature gardens, now features excessive driveway and garage space, eroding the character of Hove.

Some lamented the trend of converting houses with character into generic, modern structures.

Architectural Controversy: Deviation from Approved Plans

The property was initially purchased by Andrew Pollard, who enlisted architects for the redesign.

Despite objections from some neighbors, the plans were eventually revised and approved in 2018.

However, some residents claim that the executed design deviated significantly from the approved blueprints.

Social Media Outrage: Users Condemn the Transformation

Online, users expressed their discontent, describing the conversion as a ‘crime’ and criticizing the removal of original features.

Some users lamented the lack of attention given to preserving interwar housing, emphasizing the loss of unique architectural elements.

Seeking Comment: Owner Approached for Response

MailOnline has reached out to the owner of the controversial property for comment on the public outcry and criticism surrounding the significant transformation.

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