How To Create An Infinite Blood Surge Necromancer Build In Diablo 4? – New High Tier Nightmare Build

How To Create An Infinite Blood Surge Necromancer Build In Diablo 4? – New High Tier Nightmare Build

Today I want to share a new High Tier Nightmare Build in Diablo 4, Infinite Blood Surge Necromancer. This Blood Surge build is very interesting and powerful. You can do significant damage all over the screen.

At level 80, I can easily do Nightmare Dungeons around level 50 with plenty of room to upgrade. The build is also very flexible, you only need 1 Aspect and 1 rare Paragon Cluster to run. So, even if you’re a low Diablo 4 Gold spender, this build is fine for you. Next, I’ll cover how it works, and then we’ll talk about how to build it.

How It Works?

This Blood Surge build focuses on Overpower damage. Overpower is unique in that we can measure it with very few stats. Bonuses don’t affect it, such as fixed damage, enhanced damage, melee damage, core skill damage, etc.

Therefore, in order to adjust our damage in the late Diablo 4, we will make Overpower effect occur more frequently. We can achieve this by having huge attack speed and passive Resource Generation.

Talents & Abilities

Start with our Talents and Abilities. For most of Diablo 4 Endgame we use Reap and some Diablo 4 Unique Items. Enhanced Reap helps with our attack speed needs, while Acolyte’s Reap spawning corpse is great for starting fights. And when there are many enemies, Essence Generation is also very impressive.

The first choice for AOE is Reap, which is the normal setting of Diablo 4. But for hard bosses, you can switch to Hemorrhage. This will provide more single-target Essence Generation and single-target survivability.

Next we maximize Blood Surge. Oddly, the extra levels don’t increase your Overpower damage, but the ability still does decent damage on its own. It’s worth throwing more D4 Gold. Of course, we’ll take Paranormal Blood Surge so it can have the effect of Overpower.

Subsequently, we upgraded Blood Surge to Dreadful Blood Mist for enhanced rewards. Also, whether you spend 1 or 5 points on Corpse Explosion depends on your current needs. But if you’re pushing harder content, those points are better spent on Corpse Tendrils.

We always choose Blighted Corpse Explosion. It can quickly spawn corpses with the passive Hewed Flesh. And maximizing Grim Harvest will give us some extra Resource Generation.

Damage reduction and slowdown are very useful in increasing our survivability. It’s also a great way to enable any stats that need to slow down enemies or Crowd Control. Maxing out Death’s Embrace is extremely valuable for Diablo 4’s close quarters play style. And Tides of Blood can also improve our Overpower damage.

Finally, we also used Rathma’s Vigor. You can try using this passive on Blood Mist for massive damage to a single target or Cleave. Its damage isn’t scaled or capped as you progress, so increasing your attack speed doesn’t improve overall damage. But it’s still useful for the boss and Cleave DPS.

Book Of The Dead

In our Book of the Dead, we sacrificed defenders for more survivability. Most critically, Bone Mages are sacrificed for Overpower damage.

Between Sacrificial Passive and Sacrificial Aspect, this doubles our Overpower damage. I have 1750% Overpower damage, and while Sacrificial number is only 53%, when I disable it in Diablo 4, my Overpower damage drops all the way down to 815%.

To maximize our Overpower damage, we need to stack as many multiplicative effects as possible. Finally, we have to sacrifice Blood Golem in exchange for the extra life. While attack speed is debatable, life is valuable for Endgame and scaling our Overpower damage.

Paragon Boards

I’ll cover Paragon Boards next, as this will give us a lot of options for which Aspects to use on our rig. For this build, we need to achieve 4 goals, in order of importance.

First, we need to plug in and activate Blood Drinker Glyph. Now, our Blood Orb can give us Fortify, keep us alive, and make sure our Overpower does as much damage as possible.

The next thing we need actually comes from Bone Graft Paragon Board. Our goal is to Reinvigorate Rare Node, and kill Magic Node’s Essence. This is what allows us to spawn endless Blood Surges.

If you have enough Paragon points, I would glue it to the side of Blood Begets Blood Paragon Board. But if you don’t have enough Paragon points, connect Bone Graft Paragon Board first.

Our third target is Glyph Socket on Blood Begets Blood Paragon Board. There are many Willpower Nodes in Diablo 4 that enhance Dominate Glyph. This massive boost is crucial to making our Overpower damage more effective.

The fourth target is to reach Bloodbath Legendary Node. By the time you get to it, we’ve racked up a ton of Overpower damage in the rest of Paragon Nodes, making it worth it.

If you’re hitting one goal, I’d spend Diablo 4 Gold on closer goals. Since we only need 1 Paragon Cluster, that’s the nature of the kill, and one Aspect where this build comes into play.

Gear & Aspects

What we need is an Aspect of Rathma’s Chosen. This provides a huge attack speed buff after Overpower. Such a quick attack will usually drain our Essence just as quickly. But when our Essence is in the kill state, we will remain full and can produce Blood Surge.

Many Aspects are useful for this build, and you can swap them out depending on your build needs and what’s available.

Another important aspect is Blood-bathed Aspect. This Aspect also does your Overpower damage, so it’s valuable. Core Skill Critical Strike increases attack speed. Even though we didn’t build crits, we attacked frequently and hit so many targets that the buff was always on the rise.

For the most part, I value defense, attack speed, and sacrifice. I suggest you can use some fast one-handed weapons in Diablo 4, such as Dagger. Your weapon speed affects how quickly you can cast spells. So if you’re using a large two-handed weapon, even if you can double your attack speed. You’re just compensating for the difference in weapon speed, and losing another aspect you can have in your offhand.

How To Play It?

So, knowing the build, how do you actually play it? Against tough enemies, first you need to cast Decrepify to slow them down and reduce their damage. And enable Reap to spawn corpses, cast Corpse Tendrils.

If there are many enemies nearby, you can use more Essence, and cast Reap again to replenish and refresh your attack speed buff.

In combat, between your Corpse Explosion and Corpse Tendrils spawning Blood Orb, you can sprint around. Pick them up to replenish your Diablo 4 fortifications and dodge important enemy attacks.

Killing individual elites is extremely inefficient in this build. So if you’re only reducing mobs to half or third before they die, just kite them into new enemies.

When you start a dungeon or come back from death, you don’t build any fortifications, so your damage and survivability will be much lower. So it might be a good idea to plant a Blood Orb. This should leave you maximally empowered and fully prepared for the encounters ahead.

And just like that, this Infinite Blood Surge Necromancer build is a lot of fun, super satisfying to play, and highly competitive. May wish to experience it now!

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