Kyte Baby CEO Issues Dual Apologies After Denying Employee’s Remote Work Request for Premature Adopted So

Kyte Baby CEO Offers Two Apologies Following Employee Controversy

Ying Liu, the founder and CEO of Kyte Baby, has issued dual apologies in response to the backlash received after denying an employee’s request to work remotely while caring for her adopted premature son.

Marissa Hughes, a former Kyte Baby employee, faced termination after requesting remote work from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where her adopted son, Judah, was undergoing treatment.

First Apology Raises Questions

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday, Liu initially apologized to Hughes for the mishandling of her parental leave.

Liu stated that her ‘good intentions were not fully communicated,’ expressing respect for the adoption community and acknowledging the challenges faced by Hughes in adopting and starting a family.

Second Apology Admits Scripted Video

Following skepticism from netizens regarding the authenticity of the first apology, Liu posted a second apology on Thursday.

Admitting that the initial video was scripted, Liu confessed to making the decision to deny Hughes’ remote work request.

She acknowledged the insensitivity of her decision and expressed regret for not considering the possibility of remote work.

Personal Reflections and Acknowledgment of Fault

Liu stumbled over her words but emphasized the need, as a mother and a business owner in the baby industry, to set the record straight.

She admitted to not personally reaching out to Hughes until the second video, praising her as a ‘fantastic woman’ with a ‘big heart.’

Despite leaving the door open for Hughes to return to her position, Liu acknowledged the ex-employee’s right to make her own decisions.

Employee’s Premature Adopted Son Faces Health Challenges

Marissa Hughes and her husband Rawley, from Dallas, adopted Judah in late December, who was born premature and weighed only one pound.

Judah faced various health concerns, leading Hughes to request remote work from the NICU, an appeal that was allegedly met with an offer of only two weeks and a potential job loss.

Community Support and GoFundMe Campaign

The couple’s adoption journey gained attention and support through a GoFundMe campaign, which raised over $48,000 at the time of writing.

Hughes shared on Facebook that Judah was dealing with health challenges, including blockages in his intestines and issues with his lungs and heart.

Industry Figures Support GoFundMe Campaign

Prominent figures in the baby care industry, including Kate Quinn from baby clothing company Kate Quinn and Luna Aziz, CEO of Legendairy Milk, became top donors to the campaign, demonstrating solidarity and providing financial support.

The Hughes family expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and prayer for their son.

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