Major Commuter Train Collision in Chicago Leaves Dozens Injured, Three Critically Ill

A major commuter train collision occurred in Chicago, resulting in dozens of injuries and three people in critical condition.

The incident involved a passenger train colliding with a snow plow on a busy commuter line in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Details of the Incident:

Severity of Injuries and Emergency Response:

At least three individuals are critically ill, and 35 others sustained injuries following the collision.

Emergency services, including fifteen ambulances, have been dispatched to the scene.

Among the injured, four are children, with 23 individuals transported to the hospital and 15 others receiving on-site treatment.

Statement from Chicago Transit Authority (CTA):

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) released a statement, noting that the incident occurred around 10:30 am when a Yellow Line train made contact with rail equipment in the Howard Rail Yard.

Both Yellow and Purple Line services have been suspended.

Details on Collision Dynamics:

According to officials, the CTA train, traveling at its normal speed, collided with a snow plow, which was reported to be moving at a slower speed.

The passenger train was heading southbound from Skokie, Illinois, to the north Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park.

Extent of Injuries and Evacuation:

Seven of the injured individuals are CTA staff.

Most injuries reported are bumps and bruises, with a few head injuries.

Passengers on a train in nearby Evanston had to be evacuated as the CTA cut power to the Purple Line in response to the collision.

Government Response and Breaking News:

Governor’s Statement and Emergency Monitoring:

Governor JB Pritzker posted on social media, expressing close monitoring of the situation and readiness to direct resources as needed.

He thanked the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) firefighters and first responders on the scene.

Ongoing Breaking News Coverage:

The incident is an ongoing breaking news story, with authorities and emergency services actively responding to the aftermath of the commuter train collision.