Lunden Roberts Advocates for Hunter Biden’s Recovery and Fatherhood Amidst Ongoing Public Attention

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 5-year-old daughter, Navy Joan, sheds light on their co-parenting journey after a history of paternity battles.

Despite the publicized disputes, she now speaks in support of Hunter’s recovery and asks for privacy for the sake of their daughter.

Background and Paternity Battles:

Initial Paternity Dispute and Child Support Case:

Lunden Roberts filed a lawsuit against Hunter Biden for child support in 2019 after revealing their fling in late 2017 that resulted in the birth of Navy Joan.

Despite initial denial, a court-ordered DNA test confirmed Hunter as the father.

He eventually agreed to pay $20,000 a month in child support.

The case took unexpected turns, including Hunter’s request to reduce payments due to a drop in income and Roberts’ petition to change Navy Joan’s last name to Biden.

Settlement and Co-Parenting Agreement:

Surprisingly, the case ended in a settlement during face-to-face talks in June.

Hunter agreed to pay less in child support but offered Navy Joan his paintings and committed to building a relationship with her.

This settlement marked a turning point in their co-parenting journey.

Lunden’s Perspective on Hunter’s Recovery:

Supporting Hunter’s Battle Against Addiction:

Contrary to expectations, Lunden Roberts, despite her history with Hunter in court, speaks out in support of his recovery from addiction.

She acknowledges the challenges he faced in the public eye and emphasizes the importance of understanding and compassion for those battling addiction.

Hunter’s Candidness and Public Scrutiny:

Hunter’s openness about his addiction struggles, while leading a privileged life, has made him a target for political opponents.

Lunden empathizes with his journey and notes the unfair portrayal he has endured in the media.

Lunden’s Personal Observations:

Witnessing Hunter’s Compassion:

Lunden shares personal observations of Hunter’s compassionate nature, recounting an incident where he gave his jacket to a homeless boy in the snow.

She emphasizes that her opinion of him goes beyond the media portrayal.

Navy Joan’s Pride and Building Bonds:

Navy Joan, their daughter, takes pride in Hunter not just as a Biden but as her father.

Lunden expresses pride in Hunter’s recovery and highlights their daughter’s admiration for him and his artwork.

She requests privacy to allow their bond to flourish.

Conclusion and Call for Understanding:

Facing Public Scrutiny and Future Concerns:

Anticipating Navy Joan’s future discovery of media articles on her father’s transgressions, Lunden Roberts emphasizes her reluctance to add to the negativity.

She underscores the need for empathy and acknowledges Hunter’s courage in admitting mistakes and learning from them.

Advocacy for Addiction Awareness:

Lunden sees Hunter’s honesty as a valuable lesson for parents in raising awareness about addiction as a disease requiring understanding and compassion.

She urges respect for their privacy to ensure the continued growth of their treasured bond.

Support for Hunter’s Fatherhood:

In a surprising turn, Lunden Roberts declares full support for Hunter’s recovery and his determination to be a loving father figure to all his children.

She concludes by highlighting their decision to set aside differences for the sake of their daughter.

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