Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Found Deceased, Ending Manhunt

Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Found Deceased, Ending Manhunt

Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Found Dead in the Woods

The End of a 48-Hour Manhunt

Robert Card, the perpetrator of the Maine mass shooting, has been discovered dead in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

This grim discovery marks the conclusion of a 48-hour manhunt that engaged over 300 members of law enforcement.

The Androscoggin sheriff’s office confirmed the tragic news on Facebook, stating, “The suspect in Wednesday night’s shootings has been located and is deceased.”

Card’s Body Found Near Lisbon Falls

Robert Card, aged 40, was found at 7:45 pm near Lisbon Falls, where his car had been abandoned shortly after the tragic events of Wednesday’s massacre.

His lifeless body was reportedly discovered near a recycling plant, from which he had recently been fired.

However, it remains unclear how long he had been deceased.

Mike Sauschuck, the commander of Maine’s department of public safety, declined to disclose whether Card had passed away during the police operation or if he had been deceased for an extended period.

He did confirm that Card is believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Additionally, a hunting ban in the area, previously imposed due to the manhunt, has now been lifted as Saturday signifies the commencement of the deer hunting season.

Shelter-in-Place Order Lifted: A Glimpse of Relief

Prior to the discovery of Card’s body, the shelter-in-place order that had gripped the community was lifted.

Maine’s Governor, Janet Mills, expressed a sigh of relief, emphasizing that Card was no longer a threat to anyone.

She conveyed her sentiments, saying, “Tonight, the city of Lewiston and the people of Maine begin to move forward on a long process of healing – but we will heal, together.”

A Gruesome Tragedy: Eighteen Lives Lost

The tragedy unfolded with eighteen individuals losing their lives when Card, an army reservist who had recently experienced a mental breakdown, opened fire at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston.

Following the attack, Card went on the run, abandoning his car and cell phone, initiating a massive 48-hour manhunt.

Community’s Hope for Healing

John Riordan, a resident near the scene of the tragedy, expressed relief that the nightmare had come to an end, echoing the collective hope for the affected families to find closure and return to a semblance of normalcy.

The shooting, which occurred in a region where there were only 29 murders in the entire state last year, deeply shook the rural community.

A Message from Senator Susan Collins and Thanking the Card Family

Senator Susan Collins received word from President Biden regarding Card’s demise and praised the bravery and determination of the law enforcement personnel.

Mike Sauschuck reached out to the Card family first, expressing gratitude for their cooperation.

A Glimpse into Card’s Disturbed Mental State

Revelations about Card’s disturbed mental state quickly came to light.

He had been terminated from his job at Maine Recycling and had recently separated from a partner.

Reports from a colleague at the recycling plant suggested that he had displayed violent and peculiar behavior toward co-workers in the past year.

Card’s mental health struggles had led to him being sectioned for two weeks in July, during which he reportedly made threats related to his Army base.

Family Insights into Card’s Mental State

Katie Card, Robert’s sister-in-law, revealed that he had been fitted with hearing aids and had developed a belief that he could hear people talking about him at the locations where the shootings later occurred.

She emphasized that this state of mind had developed only in the past few months.

Despite efforts to reassure him that the voices were not real, Card had increasingly become agitated.

The unfolding tragedy had deeply affected his family, who had initially hoped he was not connected to the events.

Conclusion: A Tragic End to a Painful Chapter

The discovery of Robert Card’s lifeless body brings a somber conclusion to a painful and tragic chapter.

The devastating events had cast a shadow over the community, leading to a shelter-in-place order and a massive manhunt.

The insights into Card’s troubled mental state shed light on the complexities surrounding the incident, making it a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and intervention.

As the affected community seeks to heal, the impact of this tragedy will linger, emphasizing the need for support and understanding in times of such profound sorrow.

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