LUCY LETBY: More Evidence Surfaces As Cops Continue Investigation

LUCY LETBY: More Evidence Surfaces As Cops Continue Investigation

Evidence of “malevolent acts” is discovered by Lucy Letby cops who are looking into the collapses of 12 additional infants at hospitals where the killer nurse worked.

Investigators looking into the deaths of 12 additional infants at the hospital where murderous nurse Lucy Letby worked have discovered’malevolent acts’ evidence.

Letby, 33, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday after being found responsible for the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of another six.

Following the verdict, Cheshire Police disclosed that as part of Operation Hummingbird, the lengthy investigation that resulted in Letby’s conviction, they will be reviewing the records of 4,000 newborns admitted during her time working as a nurse.

According to a person familiar with the probe, twelve infants who experienced unexplained hospital collapses had their notes given to experts.

According to The Times, experts came to the conclusion that numerous of the close calls showed signs of “malevolent” influence.

All of the infants made it through their near misses and none were charged in Letby’s trial, which was wrapped up last week after the jury heard 10 months’ worth of harrowing testimony about the nurse’s horrific acts.

Between June 2015 and June 2016, Letby killed newborns and made attempts on their lives while employed at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

She did, however, also complete training at Liverpool Women’s Hospital in January and February 2015 and between October and December of 2012.

Detectives are taking into account admissions at both hospitals as part of Operation Hummingbird, which is reportedly in its “second phase” as a result of Letby’s convictions.

Parents have already come forward to say that Letby’s cruel parenting may have caused their kids harm.

There are Mike and Victoria Whitfield among them, who claim the nurse stood ‘blankly’ over their daughter Felicity’s bed at the Countess of Chester hospital just before her lung gave way.

The Times further says that nurses who testified for the prosecution during Letby’s trial have been questioned about other alleged events that are alleged to have happened while the nurse was still permitted to stroll the newborn unit corridors.

One said that she had been interrogated by police over three mysterious collapses at the Countess of Chester, one of which was alleged to have occurred in 2012, the year Letby was hired.

In response to accusations that concerns about Letby’s behaviour on wards were covered up, calls have been made for the Countess of Chester’s top executives to be charged with corporate manslaughter.

The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s director, Dr. Nigel Scawn, indicated following the decision that his staff was “devastated by what happened” and that they were committed to making sure lessons were being learned.

According to the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, “throughout this investigation and moving forward, we will continue to do so,” Cheshire Police and the trust have been in contact.

The worst child serial killer in modern British history, Letby, was given 14 life terms on Monday by judge Mr. Justice Goss, who criticised the ‘cruelty and callousness’ of the killer.

The judge added in his devastating sentencing remarks that Letby had shown “pre-meditation, calculation, and cunning” in her acts (which she declined to attend court to hear).

She employed a number of techniques on her victims, including insulin poisoning and air injections into their bloodstreams. She occasionally overfed them milk or struck them with a blunt object.

The heartless nurse participated in futile attempts at resuscitation throughout and shared concerns with her coworkers about her capacity to care for babies.

Even after causing such heinous harm to the devastated parents, she sent them condolence notes.

She continued to look find the bereaved parents of her victims in a number of cases, having a sick interest in their anguish after she decided to play god with their children’s lives.

In addition, Mr. Justice Goss stated that “lifelong harm has been caused” and that “the lives of new-born or relatively new-born babies were ended almost as soon as they began.”

Loved parents have had their treasured children stolen from them, and others must deal with the physical and psychological repercussions of your acts.

Brothers and sisters have been taken away from the siblings.

You have ruined relationships, disrupted the lives of all the victims’ families, and brought about severe psychological anguish, enduring sadness, and feelings of guilt.

The crimes of murder and attempted murder were extraordinarily heinous when taken as a whole, and the law stipulates that a whole life order is necessary for an appropriate penalty.

The ‘entire footprint’ of Letby’s career will be thoroughly investigated, according to Cheshire Police.

The Operation Hummingbird team is committed to a full and thorough investigation into the entire length of time that Lucy Letby was engaged as a nurse, either while at the Countess of Chester Hospital or on placement at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, according to Detective Superintendent Paul Hughes.

This investigation is still being conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

‘We will, of course, provide a more extensive update when we can.’

The families of all the newborns involved in this investigation have been informed and are receiving support.

It has been made plain by DS Hughes, who oversaw the investigation into Letby, that not all admissions made under that law are being viewed suspiciously.

More than 4,000 infants were admitted into the newborn units of the Countess of Chester Hospital and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital between 2012 and 2016, the speaker continued.

We are not necessarily looking into every one of the 4,000.

Simply put, it implies that for the duration of her work as a nurse, we are dedicated to doing an exhaustive medical review of every admission.

Only those situations that have been identified as medically concerning will be looked into further.

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