New Revelations: Pediatrician Believes Lucy Letby May Have Killed Three More Babies

New Revelations: Pediatrician Believes Lucy Letby May Have Killed Three More Babies

Paediatrician Suggests Additional Infant Deaths by Lucy Letby

During Lucy Letby’s trial, a paediatrician, Dewi Evans, came forward with alarming claims.

He stated that Letby may have killed three more babies and attempted to murder another 15. These revelations go beyond the cases presented in the prosecution’s trial.

Fresh Concerns Emerge

Dr. Dewi Evans, an expert witness, has raised new concerns regarding the deaths of infants not included in the initial prosecution’s case.

He also expressed suspicions about five children who survived, including one possibly poisoned with insulin. Moreover, Dr.

Evans identified an additional ten surviving infants who may have been harmed by Letby.

The common factor among them is the tampering of their breathing tubes, which Dr. Evans believes was done intentionally.

Lucy Letby’s Conviction

Lucy Letby, aged 33, was convicted last month for the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of six more while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neo-natal unit.

Her methods included injecting children with air, overfeeding them with milk, and physical assaults.

She was sentenced to life in prison, and her legal team has recently applied for permission to appeal against the convictions.

Concerns Over Uncovered Cases

Dr. Evans expressed concern over cases not part of the original trial. He looked into 32 cases, and seven of them require further scrutiny.

These infants had severe illnesses, with three of them ultimately passing away.

Dr. Evans emphasized the need to investigate whether these children were also victims of inflicted harm, even though their pre-existing conditions make it challenging to establish beyond reasonable doubt.

Suspicion Surrounding Breathing Tube Displacement

Dr. Evans highlighted that the displacement of endotracheal tubes, which help infants with breathing support, raised suspicions.

Accidental dislodging of these tubes is rare, making the high number of incidents unusual. Dr. Evans suspects that these tubes were intentionally moved.

Of the 18 cases he reviewed, up to ten babies could have been placed in harm’s way, although they survived without long-term harm.

Lucy Letby’s Modus Operandi

Dr. Evans suggested that Lucy Letby’s modus operandi evolved over time. He believes that tampering with endotracheal tubes was a part of her earlier actions, while later, she progressed to injecting air into infants’ bloodstream.

This theory aligns with evidence presented during the trial, where it was revealed that Letby had completed training on air embolus and drug injection just before her first victim’s death in 2015.

Ongoing Investigations

Cheshire Police are conducting an extensive review of medical records for 4,000 babies admitted to neo-natal units at the Countess of Chester Hospital and Liverpool Women’s Hospital during Letby’s five-year nursing career.

The investigation, known as Operation Hummingbird, remains active, and the possibility of additional charges against Letby has not been ruled out.

The Significance of Handover Sheets

Dr. Evans urged detectives to closely examine nursing handover sheets found at Letby’s home following her arrest.

These sheets contained names of babies, and their existence raised questions about why they were not properly disposed of as confidential waste.

It is hoped that further investigations may shed light on additional cases of harm inflicted by Lucy Letby during her nursing career.

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