Loose Women Panelists Lock Horns Over Plastic Decorations and Halloween

Loose Women Panelists Lock Horns Over Plastic Decorations and Halloween

Heated Clash on Loose Women Over Plastic Use

Disagreement Over Halloween Celebrations

In a rather heated exchange during the latest episode of Loose Women, panelists Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter appeared to clash over the use of plastic.

The discussion centered on celebrating Halloween, with Coleen, Janet, Brenda Edwards, and Christine Lampard sharing their views.

Janet, 76, surprised the panel by expressing her lack of enthusiasm for the festive season and her disbelief that many people are opting to boycott Christmas in favor of Halloween.

Janet’s Stance on Plastic Decorations

Janet Street-Porter, not a fan of Halloween, was particularly concerned about the excessive use of plastic decorations during the holiday.

She voiced her disapproval of this trend and questioned the prioritization of plastics and non-disposable items over religious festivals like Christmas, emphasizing her belief that society should take note of such choices.

Coleen’s Reaction and Exchange

Coleen Nolan, shocked by Janet’s sentiments, interrupted to express her thoughts.

She pointed out that Janet consumes meat, which often comes wrapped in plastic when purchased at supermarkets.

The Nolans singer challenged Janet’s concern about plastic and the environment, leading to a rather confrontational exchange.

Online Viewer Reactions

Following the on-air disagreement, fans took to social media platforms, with some expressing support for Janet’s perspective.

They highlighted that even vegetarian and vegan diets involve plastic packaging.

Others agreed with Janet’s view that Halloween’s lavish celebrations can be seen as excessive and influenced by American culture.


This exchange on Loose Women highlights the ongoing debate about plastic usage and environmental concerns, even during seemingly unrelated discussions like Halloween celebrations.

It also underscores the diversity of opinions and lifestyles among panelists, which can lead to spirited debates and disagreements on the show.

Online Viewer Reactions:

The audience’s reactions on social media platforms demonstrate the engagement and influence of daytime talk shows on public opinion and the ways in which viewers align themselves with the perspectives presented by the panelists.

It’s interesting to see the division of opinions, with some supporting Janet’s environmental stance and others finding her viewpoint too extreme or dismissing Halloween as a cultural import.

This illustrates the importance of such discussions in raising awareness of various societal issues, even in the context of lighter daytime TV programming.

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