Load Shedding Update: Eskom’s Schedule and Tips to Navigate Power Outages

Load Shedding Announcement for Sunday

Eskom has issued a notice regarding load shedding scheduled for Sunday.

According to the power utility, Stage 2 load shedding will be in effect from 16:00 today until 16:00 on Monday.

Additionally, they have warned that Stage 2 and 3 load shedding will continue until further notice.

Updated Schedules Available

To check the Load Shedding Schedule for your area, you can visit their website for more information.

Tips to Prepare for Load Shedding

During load shedding, it’s crucial to be prepared to mitigate potential risks and inconveniences. Here are some essential tips:

Use Surge Protection: Power surges can damage your electronic equipment during outages.

Install surge protection devices to minimize the risk.

Check Your Alarm System: Ensure your home security alarm system is functioning correctly, and its backup battery is fully charged to provide security during load shedding.

Have a Torch or Headlamp: Keep a flashlight in your car for nighttime arrivals during power outages.

Most smartphones have built-in torches or flashlight apps for added convenience.

Emergency Contacts: Save emergency contact information on your phone and keep a printed copy with essential numbers like fire, police, medical services, and family or friends.

Charge Your Devices: Charge your cell phone, laptop, and tablet fully ahead of scheduled blackouts.

Consider having an emergency phone charger, like a power bank, on hand for extended outages.

Gas for Cooking and Lighting: In case of load shedding, having a small LP gas bottle and lamp can provide lighting and serve for cooking or boiling water.

Keep hot water in a thermal flask for hot drinks and consider preparing meals in advance if possible.

Stay informed and prepared to minimize disruptions during load shedding events.


Load shedding can be a significant inconvenience, and being prepared is essential for households and businesses.

Eskom’s announcement provides clarity on the upcoming load shedding schedule.

The included tips offer practical advice for mitigating the impact of power outages, ensuring that people can navigate these interruptions more comfortably and safely.

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