Tshwane: The Monday load shedding schedule has been updated.

Tshwane: The Monday load shedding schedule has been updated.

Eskom is currently enacting Stage 1 and Stage 3 load shedding in alternating patterns until further notice.

TSHWANE LOAD SHEDDING In accordance with Eskom’s recent announcement, the City of Tshwane has revised its load shedding timetable for Monday, August 28, 2023. STAGE 3 00:00-02:30 – Groups 11, 15, 30 02:00-04:30 – Groups 12, 16, 40 04:00-05:30 – Groups 13, 1, 5

STAGE 1 05:00-06:30 – Group 13 06:00-08:30 – Group 14 08:00-10:30 – Group 15 10:00-12:30 – Group 16 12:00-14:30 – Group 1 14:00-16:30 – Group 2 STAGE 3

16:00-18:30 – Groups 3, 7, 11 18:00-20:30 – Groups 4, 8, 12 20:00-22:30 – Groups 5, 9, 13 22:00-00:30 – Groups 6, 10, 14 To access the Load Shedding Schedule for your region, please click on this link. SIX STRATEGIES TO MINIMIZE RISKS DURING POWER OUTAGES:

Install surge protection: Safeguard your equipment against electric surges, a common cause of damage during power disruptions. Employ surge protection devices at your electrical distribution board or power outlets. Ensure operational alarm system: Confirm your alarm system is functional, and its backup battery is operational to sustain power during load shedding. Keep a flashlight or headlamp: Carry a flashlight in your vehicle for nighttime arrivals during power cuts. Most smartphones offer built-in flashlight features that are useful during unforeseen blackouts. Emergency contacts: Store emergency contact details on your phone and maintain a paper copy for safety. Include fire department, police, medical services, and personal contacts along with insurance details. Charge devices: Prioritize charging cellphones, laptops, and tablets before scheduled blackouts. Recharge as soon as power is restored. Consider a backup phone charger like a power bank. Gas for cooking and lighting: Procure a small LP gas bottle and lamp for effective lighting over a wide area, as well as cooking and boiling water capabilities. Keep hot water in a thermal flask for hot drinks. Preparing meals in advance is wise if aware of upcoming power cuts.