Lizzy Anjorin responds calmly to Paulo Okoye’s call for a boxing match involving Iyabo Ojo.

Lizzy Anjorin’s Response to Paulo Okoye’s Suggestion

The rift between Nollywood actresses Lizzy Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo has deepened following Lizzy’s allegations against a fictitious character named Sepeteri, whom Iyabo mistakenly associates with herself. Paulo Okoye, Iyabo’s partner, proposed a resolution to their prolonged feud: a boxing match between the two actresses, dangling a tempting 10 million reward for the victor.

Paulo Okoye’s Proposal for Resolution

In an attempt to quell the ongoing conflict, Paulo Okoye, standing by Iyabo Ojo, put forth the idea of a high-stakes boxing bout, offering a substantial prize to the winner. This proposal was aimed at addressing the simmering tension between Lizzy and Iyabo, stemming from Lizzy’s accusations involving the fictional character Sepeteri.

Upfront’s Involvement and Safety Measures

The managerial team at Upfront swiftly announced their commitment to sponsor the celebrity showdown, emphasizing the inclusion of emergency personnel and medical experts to ensure the safety of the participants. Their intention was to mitigate any potential injuries that could arise from the proposed boxing match.

Lizzy Anjorin’s Reaction on Social Media

Responding to Paulo Okoye’s suggestion, Lizzy Anjorin took to her Instagram account, albeit steering the conversation back to her clothing line. Her post, laden with references to Sepeteri, showcased her clothing items while indirectly addressing the proposed boxing match. Despite the heated tensions, her social media response was notably focused on promoting her fashion offerings rather than directly engaging with the proposed resolution.

Closing Remarks and Promotion

Within her Instagram message, Lizzy Anjorin intermixed cryptic phrases related to Sepeteri alongside promotions for her clothing line. Her words hinted at forthcoming designs and accessories while ambiguously addressing the ongoing feud, alluding to a narrative related to Sepeteri but without overtly engaging in the proposed boxing challenge.

A conversation on Instagram took a contentious turn when Paulo was accused of attempting to make peace, leading to a heated response from Lizzy.

There was a disagreement on Instagram where Paulo’s efforts to reconcile were misunderstood. Isioma Odiakachi, an Instagram user, claimed that Paulo’s intentions were solely to establish peace. In response to this, Lizzy made a harsh statement.

Lizzy’s Response: Lizzy, in reaction to the assertion made by Isioma Odiakachi, expressed a wish for the individual to be bullied to the point of death. Lizzy added a phrase in Yoruba, “waka jeje no anger me o,” indicating a sense of calmness amidst the apparent anger in her response.


She proceeded by disclosing additional comments from online users aiming to convince her to embrace the challenge of the boxing match.

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