List of Best Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

List of Best Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

1. Google Tasks

Getting things done has always been easy with Google Tasks, this app is there to offer you its top-notch services and it has a lot of features that make it one of the best reminder apps on Android and iOS. There’s a lot you can do with Google Tasks.
With Google Tasks you can complete your tasks or remind you that have tasks on your pending list. You can also sync your activities across your devices, you can edit tasks or even add details about the work you need to focus on. Google Tasks is one of the best reminder apps out there.

2. Microsoft To Do

If you’re looking for a way to minimize, organize or attend to your day to day activities, then you should consider getting Microsoft To Do.
This app is one of the best out there and being developed by Microsoft gives it the hypes and attention it needed.
You can be reminded a couple of times on this app if you have unfinished tasks or unattended events You can use Microsoft To-Do to make plans for events, shopping, task lists and a lot more.
And you’d be reminded when it’s due time or due date.
Microsoft To-Do is one of the best reminder apps for Android and iOS users.

3. Todoist

Todoist is one of the best and arguably one of the most popular reminder apps I know of.
With many similarities with the apps listed above, this app also has its own unique features and it serves a great purpose when meeting up with given tasks.
When a task has been placed on Todoist, then after a reminder has been set, you can prioritize the tasks using one of its features called priority levels.
You can trust this app to always deliver when needed, it’s one of the best out there.

4. Google Calender

Google Calendar is another app that can remind you of upcoming events and unfinished daily tasks, developed by Google, you can use this app alongside other google apps with no complications attached. With Google Calendar you can set events from Gmail, Google Meet and more.
With Google Calendar on your Android or iOS device, you can never miss an event or task, it’s one of the best reminder apps for Android and iOS users.

5. Minimalist

Minimalist is a very simple reminder app with amazing features and also a lightweight app with a simple user interface.
You can use this app to arrange your day to day activities easily and meet up with any of them at the right time. Minimalist has features that’ll let you customize your events themes and ringtones.
You can also sync your tasks and events to cloud storage if you’re swapping your device or spending time on a device rather than your mobile device.
Minimalist is cool, simple and one of the best reminder apps out there.

6. Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder

Tasks will probably get your busy schedule very much organized and you wouldn’t miss out on any important events or forget to complete an important task.
One thing I love about this app is that it looks very unique and very much simple. You can easily add tasks and set a reminder on them with just one touch.
Tasks is one of the best reminder apps out there, it’s available on Android and also on iOS, this app can help shape your daily schedules when needed. It’s got the features and services you need from a reminder app.

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