Developer Mode in iOS 16, what does it mean for third-party IPA apps?

Developer Mode in iOS 16, what does it mean for third-party IPA apps?

Apple has recently released its iOS 16 and watchOS 9 with a lot of new features. Apart from those brand new features, the company has further introduced a new Developer Mode in iOS 16 and watchOS to enable its users to install different applications using Configurators. It may be a portend of what is going to be needed to make benefit third-party app stores in case they will be able to verify that they are developers.

For the time being, for testing, developers are capable of running their own Xcode application on their iPhones. Moreover, to let beta testers use the apps, they also provide a TestFlight option.

However, Apple’s this new Developer Mode is just like a neutral point for both parties. We can say that Apple’s new Developer Mode in iOS 16 and watchOS 9 is a predecessor to how the Cupertino giant is finally letting third-party apps on iPhones.

According to a recent statement by the company in its latest developer document, “the Developer Mode in iOS 16 and watchOS 9 keep people away from unintentionally installing the software that are dangerous for their devices as well as cuts down routes for attacks that are identified by developer on features.”

For now if you try to open the third party apps, they do not open directly and show you an error to enable the developer mode in your device in the iOS 16.

You just can’t run the installed apps without enabling developer mode on iOS 16.

The company further added in its developer documentation that “the new features that are coming with the new Developer Mode do not have any impact on regular installation methods such as taking part in a TestFlight team or acquiring apps from the Apple App Store. Rather it pays more attention to the strategies that include installing a .ipa file with Apple Configurator or performing a Build and Run in Xcode.”

Regarding an essential point, it is the last one, and this .ipa format includes those applications that are shared outside of the Apple App Store.

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The Cupertino giant further states that “if these will be the cases, the device is specifically going to request the user utilizing it to verify that they are a developer, being conscious of the dangers of installing development singed software.” 

Users will have to follow a few steps in order to turn on the Develop Mode. These steps include restarting their device apart from affirming several alerts, which makes it very hard for a bad actor to turn it on and install spiteful applications.  

This might be a company’s step to work with third-party app stores. However, the Cupertino giant will continue its campaign in order not to lose its control.