Lisa O. Monaco, Deputy Attorney General, speaks on fighting violent crime

Prioritizing Public Safety

Good morning, everyone, and thank you, Mr. Attorney General.

Commitment to Public Safety

The Justice Department’s highest priority is ensuring the safety of the American people.

Working alongside essential law enforcement agencies, we remain dedicated to this mission.

Targeting Violent Crime

Since the beginning of this administration, our focus has been on addressing the root causes of violent crime, with gun violence as a primary concern.

Our strategy, grounded in data, involves collaboration with state and local law enforcement to target individuals responsible for crime.

Positive Outcomes and Ongoing Challenges

Our data-driven approach has shown positive results, with a decline in violent crime rates in many major cities.

However, recent incidents, such as the tragic school shooting in Iowa, highlight the ongoing challenges we face.

Continued Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence

To combat gun violence, crime gun intelligence plays a crucial role.

Tracing guns and ballistics from crime scenes helps identify repeat offenders, contributing to higher case closure rates and reduced violent crime.

Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies

We are committed to making crime-gun intelligence tools accessible to every law enforcement agency, emphasizing its importance equivalent to fingerprinting in criminal investigations.

Leveraging Legislation for Gun Safety

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act has empowered us to conduct enhanced background checks, preventing firearms from reaching individuals under the age of 21.

This legislation has also enabled crackdowns on black-market gun dealers and increased prosecutions for unlicensed firearms dealing.

Intelligence-Based Violent Crime Strategy

Our intelligence-based strategy has resulted in notable arrests, with the U.S. Marshals Service targeting fugitives in high-violence areas, leading to over 6,700 arrests.

Success Stories and Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration with state and local partners has yielded success stories, such as reduced homicides in Baltimore and Detroit, showcasing the effectiveness of strategic law enforcement initiatives and community partnerships.

Sustaining Progress and Future Goals

While we celebrate declining crime rates, we acknowledge the non-uniform nature of these trends.

To continue the positive trajectory, we emphasize joint efforts, increased law enforcement presence, expanded access to crime gun intelligence, and addressing various aspects of the violence-fueled fentanyl supply chain.

Expressing Gratitude and Looking Forward

We express gratitude to the law enforcement agencies working tirelessly to uphold the rule of law.

As we embark on discussions today, our goal is to explore avenues for continued progress in safeguarding our communities.

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