Garland addresses combating violent crime

Good morning, everyone. Today, the Deputy Attorney General and I are gathered with leaders from various components of the Justice Department to address two critical areas of concern: combatting violent crime and prosecuting those who criminally threaten public servants.

Combatting Violent Crime

Our focus on addressing violent crime remains steadfast, recognizing the need for continued vigilance despite recent positive trends.

While encouraged by a reported decline in homicides nationally, we acknowledge the importance of sustained efforts.

Since May 2021, our violent crime reduction strategy emphasizes partnerships among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, utilizing technological tools and federal statutes to target sources of violent crime.

Initiatives such as the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022 have empowered us to prosecute firearms traffickers, resulting in over 300 charges.

Additionally, enhanced background checks under this act have prevented 527 firearms from reaching prohibited individuals.

We have been actively supporting local anti-violence initiatives through grantmaking authorities, with a focus on strengthening Project Safe Neighborhoods and funding community violence intervention programs.

Today’s meeting aims to evaluate successful initiatives, reinforce them, and replicate their effectiveness in areas that still face challenges.

Violent Crime’s Impact on Communities

Violent crime not only jeopardizes physical safety but also disrupts daily lives, isolating communities and eroding public trust.

Our commitment is unwavering—we will not rest until every community is safe from the menace of violent crime.

Threats Against Public Servants

Simultaneously, we’ve observed a disturbing increase in threats against public servants, including FBI agents, judges, elected officials, military personnel, and election workers.

Recent incidents, such as bomb threats against courthouses, demand aggressive investigation.

The Justice Department has arrested individuals making threats, emphasizing that these actions are unacceptable and undermine the foundations of democracy.

Remembrance of January 6

As we convene, we must acknowledge the third anniversary of the January 6 attack on the Capitol—an unprecedented assault on our democratic system.

Law enforcement officers faced physical harm defending the Capitol, with some losing their lives.

The Justice Department’s extensive investigations and prosecutions, involving over 1250 individuals and 890 convictions, continue to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Commitment to the Rule of Law

Our commitment to upholding the rule of law remains steadfast.

In ongoing investigations, we prioritize independence, integrity, and adherence to legal norms.

The Justice Department is dedicated to enforcing the law without bias, safeguarding civil rights and liberties, and protecting the American people.


In conclusion, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco will share additional insights, marking our collective dedication to addressing these challenges and ensuring the safety and integrity of our communities.

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