Lip Reader Allegedly Reveals Details of Prince Harry’s Conversation During Coronation Service

Lip Reader Allegedly Reveals Details of Prince Harry’s Conversation During Coronation Service

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. A lip reader has reportedly revealed some of the details of Prince Harry’s conversation with Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie’s husband, during the coronation service at Westminster Abbey.

The Duke of Sussex was seated between Jack and Princess Alexandra in the third row.

The lip reader claimed that Harry said he was “fed up” in a conversation with Jack before the service began.

It is unclear what they were discussing, but Jack seemed to sympathize with Harry.

The expert also picked up on another moment when Jack asked Harry about a meeting, and Harry replied that he had tried talking to someone and that he was “fed up” and that “it’s sad”.

It’s unclear who he was referring to, but it could have been King Charles or Prince William, who may still be upset about the publication of Harry’s book “Spare”.

Later, the lip reader  claims that Jack asked Harry about Meghan,, and Harry responded that she was “at…”, nodding to confirm.


Jack then made a comment about it not being quite the life they expected. Harry replied with a cryptic comment, saying “it’s an eventuality”.

The lip reader also reportedly picked up on Harry joking about his quick visit to the UK and revealing what time he was leaving for California.

The timings of Harry’s departure from the coronation service proved to be right, as he left immediately for Heathrow Airport to catch his flight back to California.

There was no direct interaction between Harry and his brother or father on the day.

In contrast, the Prince of Wales paid tribute to his father at the concert held to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation, and William praised the King’s dedication to the crown and his charitable work.

It’s important to note that lip reading is not always 100% accurate, and the conversations reported here are based on the interpretation of one lip reader.

It’s also worth considering that these alleged conversations took place during a private moment between Harry and Jack, and they may not necessarily reflect Harry’s true feelings or opinions.

The media often picks up on and reports such private conversations, which can create unnecessary speculation and misunderstandings.


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