Leonardo DiCaprio Faces Twitter Backlash Over Relationship with Model Vittoria Ceretti, Continuing His Trend of Dating Younger Partners

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor at 48, has once again found himself at the center of social media scrutiny for his romantic involvement with a significantly younger model.

His latest love interest, Vittoria Ceretti, aged 25, has ignited discussions and raised eyebrows given DiCaprio’s reputation for exclusively dating women under the age of 25.

This trend includes parting ways with them once they surpass that age, as seen in his previous relationship with Camila Morrone, who is now 26.

Twitter Reaction to Leonardo’s Relationship

The emergence of photographs showing Leonardo passionately engaged with Vittoria at the Hi Ibiza nightclub on the Spanish party island has prompted a Twitter backlash.

Many users swiftly ridiculed the relationship, pointing out that Vittoria will turn 26 next June, implying that their romance is unlikely to last.

Twitter comments included humorous remarks such as “She’s got 9 months left!” and “one more year and he won’t look at her again!”

Some questioned the attractiveness of DiCaprio that draws such relationships, while others called for a boycott of the actor by 25-year-old women.

Leonardo and Vittoria’s Night Out

The images capturing the actor and model showcase them gazing affectionately into each other’s eyes before sharing a kiss during a night of partying at the nightclub, which extended until 4:30 am.

Vittoria, who is 23 years younger than Leonardo, donned a stunning gold strapless dress for the occasion, while the actor kept to his casual style with a black T-shirt and matching cap.

History of DiCaprio’s Relationships

While it remains uncertain when Leonardo and Vittoria first crossed paths, their public appearances date back to late May when they were seen together in France during the Cannes Film Festival, where DiCaprio’s film “Killers of the Flower Moon” premiered.

They were also spotted on an ice-cream date in Santa Barbara at the end of August.

Notably, Vittoria has connections within DiCaprio’s inner circle, including Fusion Model Neelam Kaur Gill and DNA Model Meghan Roche.

It’s worth mentioning that prior to dating Vittoria, DiCaprio’s romantic history included a string of relationships with models such as Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Nina Agdal, Kelly Rohrbach, Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Camila Morrone, all of whom were 25 or younger at the time of their involvement with the actor.

Celebrity Dating Trends and Social Media Scrutiny

Leonardo DiCaprio’s choice of romantic partners and the age gaps in his relationships have long been the subject of public fascination and critique.

Social media’s swift reaction to his latest romance highlights how celebrity dating trends can spark discussions and judgments.

While some may view such relationships as a reflection of personal preference, others raise questions about power dynamics and societal expectations.

The Twitter commentary sheds light on the intersection of celebrity culture and societal norms, with users expressing humor, skepticism, and even calls for action.

Ultimately, it underscores the enduring fascination with the personal lives of public figures and the potential impact of such scrutiny on their relationships.

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