Legal Limbo: British Mother Appeals Death Sentence in High-Profile Biryani Poisoning Case

Legal Limbo: British Mother Appeals Death Sentence in High-Profile Biryani Poisoning Case

British Mother on Death Row Protests Her Innocence in Biryani Poisoning Case

Ramandeep Kaur Mann, a British mother, has been sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of her husband, Sukhjit Singh, by poisoning his biryani while they were on holiday in India.

Mann claims innocence and pleads for help to be pardoned.

Behind Bars in Deplorable Conditions

Mann is currently incarcerated in Shahjahanpur District Jail in Uttar Pradesh, India, sharing a cramped cell with 55 other female prisoners and sleeping on a dirty concrete floor.

She describes the conditions as horrendous and claims to be in a “living hell.”

She is isolated from her family and hasn’t received any visits from the British High Commission since her conviction.

Appeals of Innocence and a Miscarriage of Justice

Mann firmly believes she is a victim of a miscarriage of justice and maintains her innocence.

She alleges that she was framed for her husband’s murder and is desperate for someone to help her.

She is visibly distressed, looking considerably thinner and disheveled.

A Glimpse Into Life in Prison

Mann’s daily life in prison is marked by squalor and overcrowding.

She is served meager meals, allowed minimal visits, and cannot make phone calls to her family in the UK.

Conditions in the prison are abysmal, with inadequate facilities and hygiene.

A Challenging Legal Battle Ahead

While Mann has appealed her death sentence, it could take several years before her case is heard.

In the meantime, she remains imprisoned in India, protesting her innocence and yearning for a return home to the UK.

The World Exclusive Interview

MailOnline conducted a world-exclusive interview with Mann inside the prison, shedding light on her distressing situation and her fervent claims of innocence.

This tragic case underscores the importance of proper legal processes and the potential consequences of miscarriages of justice.


The story of Ramandeep Kaur Mann is a heartbreaking one that highlights the dire circumstances some individuals face when caught up in the criminal justice system of a foreign country.

Mann’s claims of innocence and allegations of being framed for her husband’s murder raise important questions about the fairness and transparency of her trial and the legal process in India.

The conditions she describes in the prison further emphasize the need for prison reform and humane treatment of inmates.

It’s clear that her emotional and physical well-being is deteriorating in such an environment.

Mann’s appeals for help from the British High Commission also raise concerns about the support and assistance provided to British nationals facing serious legal issues abroad.

The diplomatic efforts to ensure the welfare and rights of citizens imprisoned in foreign countries are crucial in such cases.

Overall, this story serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise when individuals from one country find themselves entangled in the legal systems of another, and the importance of a fair and just legal process.


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