Leadership Tips for Building a High-Performance Team

Leadership Tips for Building a High-Performance Team

Building and maintaining a high-performance team are tasks meant to be taken care of by a leader. In order to achieve that, one has to possess excellent leadership skills and the know-how to manoeuvre a group of people who are meant to be working together on a project. Here is all you need to know about building a high-efficiency team and approaching the team-building process as a true leader. 

Have clear goals

In order to create and maintain a high-performance team, you first need to have a clear goal in mind. What is your team’s main aim supposed to be? Will they be working on a short or long-term project? Are you building a more “permanent” team that will be working on multiple projects in the future? What is their collective goal and what are their individual goals? Will they also have separate tasks to take care of individually as well? Think about what you’re trying to achieve with this group of people. Then, sit down and write a business plan and a set of clear goals and results you want to accomplish with this group of employees. Having clear goals and plans in mind as well as on paper will help you lead your group with precision and excellent management skills that every leader should possess. 

Be open-minded

A good leader is also someone who is open-minded in all the ways that matter. First and foremost, you need to be flexible and ready to welcome some swift changes to the plan at any time. No matter how steady your plan is, mishaps can happen to anyone. What matters is that you know how to adapt yourself to any sudden changes and be open-minded towards accepting alternative solutions if it comes to that.

On top of that, you also need to be open-minded toward your employees and the ideas they have. A good leader will always hear out other people’s ideas, suggestions, and feedback in order to work on their plan and perfect it. This kind of teamwork between the employer and their employees is exactly how high-efficiency teams are made. 

Motivate your employees

Listening to your employees with an open mind and accepting their ideas is just one part of being a good leader. You also need to encourage them and motivate them to be interactive in the first place. A working environment where people feel encouraged to speak up and feel like their input is heard and appreciated is just the right atmosphere a team needs to have in order to succeed in their daily tasks. People are often powered by external motivation and positive reassurance. 

So, whenever your employees do something well, exceed your expectation, or provide valuable feedback, make sure you are being vocal about it and praise them or reward them for their hard work. This way, you will motivate your team to keep up the good work. 

Hire professionals

There are a lot of ways to hire new people and find excellent members for your high-efficiency team. One of the most popular approaches in a lot of Australian companies involves relying on a third party when it comes to hiring new employees. If you’re new in this leading position and you feel like you don’t really have a sharp eye for picking the right people you can always opt for hiring a professional recruitment agency in Sydney to help you find new employees. This way, you can rest assured knowing that the task of finding the right people for your team is in good hands. For example, there is a great list of servant leaders from history.

Create collegial atmosphere

Lastly, for good team work there needs to be a sense of teamwork and a collegial atmosphere where people feel like they can almost effortlessly work with one another. You, as their leader, have a responsibility for creating such an atmosphere. Make sure you work on your communication skills and enable an environment where people feel free to express how they feel. If something is bugging them, your employees should be able to give their opinion and ask for their input to be validated and heard. When people work together, it is only natural to have conflicts every once in a while. However, it’s important that you as their leader know how to address any issues in teamwork that may arise. 


Overall, in order to build a high-efficiency team in the workplace, a leader or in other words, an employer, needs to be able to create a safe and motivating atmosphere. They need to possess leadership skills such as communication and management skills in order to both build and maintain a high-performance team. 

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