Late Rapper Dagrin’s Elderly Mother Seeks Financial Aid to Overcome Struggles

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Dagrin’s mother, in a heartfelt plea, has reached out to Nigerians for financial support as she faces difficulties in her daily life.


A video circulating on social media captures the elderly woman selling food by the roadside, highlighting her struggle to make ends meet.

Insufficient Income and Emotional Burden

Expressing her concerns, Dagrin’s mother disclosed that her business is both physically and emotionally taxing due to her advanced age.

Moreover, the income generated from her roadside food sales is inadequate to sustain her family’s needs.


Concealing Identity and Limited Options

To make matters worse, the late rapper’s mother mentioned that she deliberately relocates from certain areas while trying to earn a living, fearing that she might be recognized by acquaintances.

This compels her to endure additional hardships in her already challenging circumstances.

Reluctance to Seek Assistance from Acquaintances

Despite the suggestions of others, Dagrin’s mother expressed her reluctance to approach popular Afrobeats artists, such as Davido or Olamide, for help.

She views them as her own children and feels uncomfortable asking them for assistance.

The Struggles of Poverty and Housing Needs

In her plea, the elderly woman lamented her impoverished state and highlighted the urgent need for suitable accommodation for her family.


She implored Nigerians to contribute funds to help her establish a business and improve her living conditions.

A Desperate Plea for Support

Desperately seeking assistance, she earnestly requested Nigerians to come forward and help her.

Feeling the weight of her financial burdens and the toll that age has taken on her ability to sustain herself, Dagrin’s mother specifically mentioned the requirement of N3 Million – N5 Million to address her immediate needs.

With a heavy heart, she acknowledged that approaching rapper Olamide for financial support would be inappropriate, as she perceives him as a younger individual and regards him as her own son.


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