Larissa London, Davido’s Third Babymama, Sends Heartwarming Father’s Day Message

Larissa London, Davido’s Third Babymama, Sends Heartwarming Father’s Day Message

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. American-based makeup artist, Larissa London, who is known as the third babymama of Nigerian singer Davido, recently expressed her sentiments on Father’s Day.


This gesture follows Davido’s public confirmation of paternity for his second son, Dawson.

Larissa took to her Instagram story to share a heartwarming message accompanied by a photo of Davido bonding with their child.

Negative Impact of Fame on Davido’s Loved Ones

Davido, in a recent episode of the ABtalks podcast, opened up about how his fame has adversely affected those closest to him, particularly his children, nieces, and nephews.

While acknowledging the perks that come with being famous, he also highlighted the negative impact it has on his loved ones.

Bullying Incident: Davido’s Daughter and Sister’s Children

During the podcast interview, Davido revealed that his kids, especially his daughter, and his sister’s children have been subjected to bullying due to their association with him.

The level of bullying became so severe that his sister had to make the difficult decision to change her children’s school to protect them from the harassment.


Fame’s Double-Edged Sword: Davido’s Perspective

Davido expressed his mixed feelings about fame, acknowledging the advantages it brings while also highlighting the stress and invasion of privacy it entails.

He admitted that while he enjoys certain privileges and can obtain anything he desires, the impact on his personal life and his family can be overwhelming.

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