Labour’s Rachel Reeves Rules Out Tax Cuts, Sets Clear Divide from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Labour’s Rachel Reeves Rules Out Tax Cuts, Sets Clear Divide from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Good Morning America, one of the USA’s premier TV breakfast shows, recently scored a major coup by securing the first interview with Prince Harry following his father’s shocking cancer diagnosis.

Promotion of Winter Invictus Games

The timing was opportune for both parties, as the Prince had the chance to promote his Winter Invictus Games while once again stepping into the limelight shortly after the launch of his and Meghan’s new website,

Harry’s Response to Questions about King Charles’s Health

During the interview, Harry graciously fielded questions about King Charles’s health.

When asked how he learned of the diagnosis, he revealed, “I spoke to him. I jumped on a plane.”

Regarding whether the cancer diagnosis could have a unifying effect on his family, he responded, “Possibly, yes. I love my family.”

Harry’s Consideration of American Citizenship

When asked if he “felt American” or planned to become a citizen of the United States, Harry gave a thoughtful response, saying, “I’ve considered it, yes, it had crossed my mind.”

This raises the intriguing possibility of Harry becoming an American citizen, which could potentially resolve the issue of his and Meghan’s titles.

Potential Implications of American Citizenship

According to U.S. immigration policy, any applicant with titles of heredity or positions of nobility in a foreign state must renounce them, including in a public ceremony.

If Harry were to become a U.S. citizen, he and Meghan would no longer hold their titles and would be known simply as Harry and Meghan Sussex, or any other surname they choose.

Speculation and Conclusion

While this scenario may seem far-fetched, it’s a fascinating prospect. Harry, the humanitarian, could potentially become a private citizen, free from the constraints of royal life.

This would bring peace from his public grievances, providing a fresh start for both him and the British public.

Brexiteer MPs Call for Boris Johnson’s Return

Plea for Boris’s Return

Brexiteer MPs are urging Rishi Sunak to set aside his pride and bring back Boris Johnson as a fellow campaigner for the next election.

Challenges and Electoral Prospects

This plea comes in the wake of Boris’s famous quote, “there’s more chance of finding Elvis on Mars or my being reinvented as an olive.”

The sentiment reflects the belief among some that Boris’s return is necessary for the party’s electoral prospects.


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