Kumaran Medical Centre Doctors Advise How to Relieve your Low Back Pain Once for All

Kumaran Medical Centre Doctors Advise How to Relieve your Low Back Pain Once for All

Low Back Pain might cause you a lot of discomfort in your day-to-day life.

Won’t you feel happy if you are relieved from your Low Back Pain which you had for years A Research Study conducted among 250 Indian women in the age group of 30-65 years concluded that the prevalence of Low Back Pain is about 42%.

Low Back Pain is the leading cause of Global Disability.

About 50% of the people around us are suffering from Low Back Pain and they are not aware of how to easily get relieved from it.

Low Back Pain creates a lot of problems, troubles and uneasiness in our regular life which is difficult to tackle.

It even becomes a barrier in carrying out our routine activities, affects the sleep cycle, appetite, etc.


Shanthanam – Neurosurgeon – Kumaran Medical CenterDr.

Shanthanam, MS.

, Mch.

, DNB.

, Neurosurgeon from Kumaran Medical Centre, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has given the following guidelines to relieve from your Low Back Pain.

Know your Body – Anatomy of your BackThe back part of our Human body extends from the Neck to the Hip supported by the Spinal Cord.

The Spinal Cord is the most important connecting link between the body and the brain.

The base structure of the Spinal Cord is a column of bones called the Vertebrae/Spinal Column.

Vertebrae are individual bones stacked one below the other in an orderly manner.

There are a total of 33 Vertebrae in the spinal column during birth whereas an adult has a total of 26 Vertebrae as some of the Vertebrae fuse together at the later stage of life.

The spinal column is categorized into 5 regions namely cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx.

There are Intervertebral discs between every Vertebrae which acts as fibrocartilaginous cushions protecting from shock absorption.

This disc is made of two parts, namely, the annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus.

The nucleus pulposus is surrounded by a gel-like structure called annulus fibrosus.

These structures provide rotational stability to the spine and also resist compressive stress.

Each Vertebrae has two joints called the Facet joints, one on the left side and the other on the right side of the vertebrae.

There are also ligaments to support the spine structure.

All these parts of the spine together form the background of the spinal column from the neck to the lower back.

The spinal column is surrounded by several muscles.

One of the important muscles is Erector spinae, which gives the highest amount of support to the spinal cord.

The Erector spinae muscle starts from the base of the skull and extends till the lower back region i.


, sacral region.

Many muscles run along with the Erector spinae muscle all along the backside that helps you to stand upright, walk, flexibly move, sleep, and in other movements of your body.

In the centre of all the above-mentioned muscles and vertebrae lies the Spinal Cord.

Various other nerves run on both sides of the Spinal Cord.

Back Pain vs Low Back PainBack pain refers to pain in any part of the back.

Low Back Pain is specific to the lower region of the back mostly around the Hip region.

We can also get Low Back pain if we have pain in the Neck and other parts of the back as the impact in one part of the back region can also affect the other regions.

Know the Major Factors that cause Low Back PainAny malfunctioning in the Bone, Muscles, Ligaments, joints, Spinal Cord, Branching Nerves from the spinal cord are the major factors that cause Low Back Pain.

Muscles in the hip region are the major factor that causes Low Back Pain most of the time.

The major causative agent for low back pain is Back strain and sprain.

Medical Problems that can cause Low Back PainThe medical reasons for Low Back Pain are so many.

Some major medical reasons for Low Back Pain are:Low Back Pain related to Spinal Cord problems: Itching in the back area caused due to neurological conditions like Notalgia paresthetica, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Fractures, Bone marrow infiltration due to cancer or infection like Vertebral osteomyelitis, Spinal tumours, a ruptured or herniated disc, arthritis, etc.

Low Back Pain related to Ligament problems like Ligament tear and Ligament Infection.

Low Back Paindue to nerve damage in the spine: Age-related nerve damage like Spinal stenosis in the spinal nerves and nerve branches, Sciatica, Spine shrinkage, etc.

Low Back Pain related to muscle problems: Fibromyalgia, Muscle weakness, Muscle sprain, back strains and sprains.

Spinal stenosis can also cause strain.

Doctor’s Advise to get rid of Low Back PainConsult a Doctor when your Low Back Pain prolongs.

A proper diagnosis of the Low Back Pain by a Doctor will give the main cause.

Only when the proper cause is known any kind of pain or disease can be treated effectively.

Properly follow the medicines and some lifestyle changes prescribed by your doctor.

You can then lead a life free and relieved from Low Back Pain.

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