King Charles Presents Prestigious Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Recognizing Engineering Excellence

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (QE Prize), established in 2013, has been a platform for acknowledging pioneering engineers responsible for globally impactful innovations.

In a significant moment, King Charles has now taken up the role of presenting this distinguished award.

A Regal Presentation

This marks the first occasion that King Charles has presented the QE Prize since his coronation.

In his prior role as the Prince of Wales, he had the honor of presenting the prize on three separate occasions.

Honoring the 2022 Laureate

At the ceremony, King Charles awarded the 2022 QE Prize to Dr. Masato Sagawa for his groundbreaking work in discovering, developing, and commercializing NdFeB, described as the “world’s most powerful permanent magnet.”

This remarkable magnet is an essential component in smartphones, cars, and robots.

Celebrating the 2023 Laureates

The recipients of the 2023 QE Prize are Professor Martin Green, Professor Andrew Blakers, Dr. Aihua Wang, and Dr. Jianhua Zhao. T

hey have been honored for their pivotal role in inventing and advancing passivated emitter and rear cell (Perc) solar photovoltaic technology.

This innovation has substantially reduced the cost of solar panels by an impressive 80% over the past decade, making solar power a dependable source of electricity globally.

Technical Knowledge and Genuine Interest

During the award presentation, Professor Green noted King Charles’s genuine understanding of the technical aspects of solar technology.

The King displayed a keen interest in comprehending the details of the technology, showcasing his deep knowledge in the field.

An Honorable Gathering at Buckingham Palace

Dr. Sagawa expressed his profound honor to receive the QE Prize in the presence of King Charles.

He emphasized the dedication and perseverance required to challenge the conventional belief that magnets couldn’t be made with rare earth metals and iron.

A Momentous First for QE Prize

Dr. Aihua Wang became the first female laureate of the QE Prize, emphasizing the global impact of engineering achievements and expressing gratitude for the recognition of Perc technology.

Honoring Innovation at Buckingham Palace

Professor Blakers recognized the significant honor of receiving the 2023 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering alongside his academic colleagues and friends.

Buckingham Palace, a venue renowned for its history, provided the backdrop for this prestigious recognition.

Unique Trophies Designed by Young Talent

The winners of the QE Prize were presented with unique trophies, designed through a competition.

The 2023 trophy was crafted by 25-year-old Anja Brandl from Switzerland, while the 2022 trophy was designed by 19-year-old Anshika Agarwal from India.

Web Inventor and International Dignitaries

The ceremony at Buckingham Palace was attended by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web.

Additionally, ambassadors from Japan and Australia graced the event and engaged in conversations with King Charles, underscoring the global significance of the QE Prize.